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2003A code-aided adaptive equalizer using soft decision-directed algorithm and convolutional coding for fading channelsLee, Yun-fo
2003Color image quantization & halftoning based on human visual perceptionYu, Mei-ping Lily
2012Comparison of different driving methods for LED general lightingsCui, Ning
2000Comparisons of the performance of the beam propagation method and a finite difference method in the simulation of dispersion managed soliton systemsWan, Chi-keung Frankie
2021Compensation topologies in wireless power transfer convertersLiu, Ying
2014Complex network analysis of time seriesXiang, Ruoxi
2008Compressing color-indexed images with an adaptive palette reordering methodLui, Ka-chun
2001Computer aided design of dual-frequency planar inverted-F antenna for mobile telephone handsetLeung, Yat-wah
2021Computer-generated hologram and its applicationXu, Huafeng
2004Considerations on multimedia streaming over TCPHo, King-man
2019Constellation design analysis of color shift keying for visible light communicationAziz, Amena Ejaz
2012Construction of QC-LDPC codes with large girthLi, Miaolei
2002Content-based and temporal-scalable video codingHo, Kai-hong
2013Content-sensitive salient region modelling with applicationsLiang, Zhen
2009Control techniques for improving the static and dynamic performance of switch-mode DC-AC invertersChen, Sufen
2019Conventional and learning approaches for object recognition and trackingYang, Xuefei
2011Cortical oscillations and synaptic plasticity : from a single neuron to neural networksLi, Xiumin
2022A cost-effective DSP-based experimental active noise cancellation controllerWong, Winston
2011Cramer-Rao bounds (CRB) of the estimation of an incident source's angle-of-arrival & polarization for various triads of collocated but orthogonal dipole(s)/loop(s)Xu, Zixin
2020Cramer-rao lower bounds for the estimation of an incident signal's direction-of-arrival upon rectangular/circular/spherical arrays of isotropic sensorsMorris, Zakayo Ndiku