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2019Constellation design analysis of color shift keying for visible light communicationAziz, Amena Ejaz
2012Construction of QC-LDPC codes with large girthLi, Miaolei
2002Content-based and temporal-scalable video codingHo, Kai-hong
2013Content-sensitive salient region modelling with applicationsLiang, Zhen
2009Control techniques for improving the static and dynamic performance of switch-mode DC-AC invertersChen, Sufen
2019Conventional and learning approaches for object recognition and trackingYang, Xuefei
2011Cortical oscillations and synaptic plasticity : from a single neuron to neural networksLi, Xiumin
2022A cost-effective DSP-based experimental active noise cancellation controllerWong, Winston
2011Cramer-Rao bounds (CRB) of the estimation of an incident source's angle-of-arrival & polarization for various triads of collocated but orthogonal dipole(s)/loop(s)Xu, Zixin
2020Cramer-rao lower bounds for the estimation of an incident signal's direction-of-arrival upon rectangular/circular/spherical arrays of isotropic sensorsMorris, Zakayo Ndiku
2012Decoding of LDPC convolutional codesChan, Chi-ho
2016Deep hierarchical architectures for saliency prediction and salient object detectionHu, Yu
2022Deep learning for facial image analysis and recognitionLai, Shun Cheung
2021Deep learning for financial market predictionHuang, Weihai
2022Deep learning for human action recognitionLai, Songjiang
2023Deep learning for scoliosis assessmentHuang, Zixun
2021Deep learning in basketball action recognitionHe, Jiacheng
2020Deep learning models for human parsing and action recognition : architectural design, model compression and data augmentationJiang, Yalong
2020Deep learning on malicious DNS queries in real worldYao, Ruiqi
2021Deep learning techniques for structural health monitoring based on electromechanical impedance methodChoy, Wai Hing Alex