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2022Development of a soft continuum robot system for surgical blood suctionLai, Jiewen
1999Development of an error compensation system for taper turning using ARX modeling techniquesChan, Chi-kin
2017Development of an ultraviolet-protective glass fibre reinforced epoxy compositeWong Tsz-ting
2023Development of ant-inspired foraging methods for multi-agent robotic systemsFan, Bowen
2023Development of autonomous salt field robotGuo, Xinrui
2008Development of CNT-reinforced polymer compositeWong, Ka-keung
2008Development of golf simulatorLi, Jing
2011Development of high strength and high ductility nanostructured twip steelKou, Hongning
2015Development of high strength thermoplastic prepreg from cyclic butylene terephthalateYao, Lu
2020Development of innovative connection forms for FRP-SSC structures by auxetic and lattice structureNgan, Hoi Hon
2012Development of practical urban routing systems with an improved genetic algorithmLiu, Yingbo
2010Development of surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) and electrodeposition process for generating nanostructured materials and study of their tensile propertiesChan, Hoi-lam
2022Development, analysis and control of thermal stimulation in automated skin photorejuvenationMuddassir, Muhammad
2000Diagnosis and maintenance of gas turbine inlet guide vane system with integrated object design, diagnosis and maintenance (DDM) approachLau, Chak-lam
2011A diagnostic imaging technique for identification of structural damage using hybrid features of Lamb wave signalsZhou, Chao
2021Dielectric, piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties of ferroelectric composites containing two-dimensional materialsUllah, Sana
2020Direct aeroacoustic modelling of grazing flow over porous duct liner with CE/SE methodHou, Ruoyang
2006Direct force measurements of a two-dimensional airfoil undergoing dynamic stallTsang, Kit-ying Kezia
2022Discontinuous precipitation and mechanical properties of NiAl-strengthened steelsZhou, Bingchen
2003Dislocation dynamics during thin film depositionLiu, Wing-chung Averil