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2022Energizing fuel cells with an electrically rechargeable liquid fuelShi, Xingyi
2016Engine performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine burning gaseous-diesel dual fuelZhou, Quan
2015Engine performance, gaseous emissions & soot agglomerates from a diesel engine fuelled with diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blendsTse, Ho Jeff
2021Engineering electrochemical cells for ambient ammonia synthesis via nitrogen reductionLi, Guangzhe
2021Enhanced multifunctional properties of CFRP composites for lightning strike protectionDuongthipthewa, Anchalee
2016Enhanced piezoelectric, pyroelectric and ferroelectric properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride) based nanocomposites containing dielectric nanofillersJiang, Zhiyuan
2018Enhancement of the bonding strength of adhesively-bonded composite joints at cryogenic environment by coiled carbon nanotubesMa, Hei-lam
2010Evaluation of compression garment design factor and prediction of garment pressure on wearerLeung, Wing-yan
2003Experimental and numerical studies of fluid-structure interaction in flow-induced vibration problemsLau, Yin-lung
2022Experimental and numerical studies of low-frequency duct acoustic liner using metamaterial technologyLam, Ka Hei
2022Experimental and numerical studies on multi-scaled progressive and compound forming of bulk parts and size effects on process performance and product qualityZheng, Junyuan
2011Experimental and numerical studies on the macro- and micro-scale metal-deformed product design and developmentChan, Wai-lun
2010Experimental investigation and theoretical analysis on air filtration of sub-micron aerosols by nanofiber filterHung, Chi-ho
2010Experimental investigation on motor vehicle on-road pollutant emission and fuel consumption behaviorWu, Liang
2016Experimental investigation on performance and emissions of a direct-injection diesel engine fueled with biodiesel-ethanol blendsLi, Dongfang
2021Experimental investigation on the collision of unequal size binary droplets of water in atmospheric airWu, Zhuofeng
2002Experimental investigations of fluid-structure interaction of bluff bodies subjected to a cross-flowWang, Zhijin
2020Experimental investigations of membrane structure and transport characteristics and their applications in vanadium-air redox flow batteriesMa, Yining
2018Experimental study of hypergolic ignition by droplet collisionsZhang, Dawei
2011Exploring effect of medium coupling on ultrasonic lamb waves in engineering structures and synthesised soft tissue-bone phantomsChen, Jiangang