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2000An investigation of small propeller noise with uneven bladingChan, Kwok-hung
2007Investigation of the thermal and emission characteristics of an impinging inverse diffusion flameNg, Tsz-kwan
2016Investigation on defect formation and dimensional accuracy in micro-forming process using experiments and numerical simulationsWang, Jilai
2019Investigation on ductile fracture behaviour and the modified GTN-Thomason fracture criterion in micro-scaled plastic deformation of materialsLi, Wenting
2022Investigation on size effect in meso/micro-scaled plastic deformation via compound forming and multi-stage deep drawing techniquesHu, Dien
2023Investigation on the aero-acoustic behaviour of orifice under grazing flow and design of compact microperforated panel absorbers for ducted systemLi, Ying
2006An investigation on the coagulation and deposition of combustion particles in an enclosed chamberSchnell, Marc-Alexander
2021Investigation on the interaction of a shock and a liquid droplet with and without a vapor cavity insideLiu, Yao
2017An investigation on the metallurgical process and deformation mechanism of a novel resource-saving duplex stainless steel (DSS)Wan, Jianquan
2019Investigation on the superplastic hot working of Mg-Li alloys for fabrication of complex structuresYang, Haopeng
2021Investigations of the mechanical relaxation of glasses at high temperaturesWang, Jianbiao
2020Investigations on direct ethylene glycol fuel cells using hydrogen peroxide as oxidantPan, Zhefei
2022LaGeo : a latent and geometrical framework for path and manipulation planningZhou, Peng
2011Lattice Boltzmann simulation of cell adhesion in microcirculationYan, Weiwei
2020LiDAR matching and dynamic model based integrated navigation system with the aids of map informationXu, Weichang
2013Light absorption broadening and exciton diffusion length enhancement for organic solar cellsWang, Jingchuan
2021Liquid immersion based ultrasonic monitoring of electroplating processYang, Zirui
2018Localization and characterization of noise sources in enclosed space by microphone arrayWang, Tiangang
2020Localization and characterization of the fault in wheel/rail systemChen, Long
2014Low power organic field effect transistors and inverters with high dielectric constant (high-k) amorphous metal oxideWang, Zongrong