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2021Modelling of unbaffled long enclosures for noise controlYang, Weiping
1998Modelling soot formation and oxidation in direct injection diesel engineLeung, Tsz-chiu
2021Modelling the fluid-structure interaction in flow sensing and cell adhesionCui, Jingyu
2015Molecular dynamics modeling of interfacial plasticity in nanomaterialsChen, Kaiguo
2018Monte Carlo simulation of aerosol dynamics in turbulent flowsLiu, Hongmei
2004Multi-objective optimization of active constrained layer damping treatment for shape control applicationHau, Lap-chi
2015Multi-stage micro deep drawing process of micro cup with domed bottom and it's size effectsLi, Wenting
2020Multilayer PVDF electret nanofiber filters for enhanced aerosol filtrationSun, Qiangqiang
2022Nanocomposite-functionalized fibre-reinforced polymer composites with integrated self-sensing and monitoring capabilitiesSu, Yiyin
2020A nanocomposite-inspired broadband sensing network coating for acousto-ultrasonics-based in situ structural health monitoringLiao, Yaozhong
2006Nanopatterning by atomic force microscopyTang, Qian
2021Nanoscale precipitation and mechanical properties of coherent precipitation–strengthened high-entropy alloysFan, Lei
2000Navigation of an autonomous outdoor vehicle on a road surface with changing geometryChan, Fu-man Alick
2010A new design of rotational hybrid vibration absorber for global structural vibration controlTso, Man-ho
2010A new method for separating straightness, yawing and rolling errors of a linear slideZhu, Ming
2022A new type of sonic black hole device for sound absorptionXia, Jiajun
2016New-type vibration isolation structure design and performance analysisWu, Zhijing
2004Noise attenuation by vibroacoustic couplingChiu, Yu-him
2006Noise barriers in a complex urban environmentKwok, Man-pun
2023Non-Hermitian topological phases in elastic and acoustic latticesFan, Haiyan