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2007Analysis of vibration and squeal noise of a brake rotor using a simplified modelZhang, Fang
2000Analysis on the adaptability and feasibility of implementing the automated guided vehicle system in outboard engine industryTso, Man-yung
2015Analysis, design and testing of nonlinear QZS-based sensor systems for measurement of absolute vibration motionWang, Yu
2022Anion hosting graphitic carbon cathodes for dual ion batteryLyu, Linlong
2010Anodic titanium dioxide layers : synthesis, properties and applicationsHuang, Chuanjun
2018Application of dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators on a highly swept delta wingShen, Lu
2020Application of machine learning method in the study of stacking fault energy of steelLiu, Guanhong
2022Application of momentum potential theory in the study of hypersonic boundary layer instabilitiesLong, Tiehan
2023Applications of dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator for flow controlChen, Zongnan
2018Assessment of vibrational non-equilibrium effect on detonationShi, Lisong
2010An attempt to predict noise barrier performance using computational aeroacoustic methodLi, Xiaojuan
2020Automatic cell manipulation and patterning system using dielectrophoresisHuang, Kaicheng
2017Backpulse and backblow cleaning of nanofiber filter loaded with nano-aerosolsHau, Wing Yi Curie
2003Behavior-based robot navigation using ultrasonic sensor array and neuro-fuzzy techniquesWong, Wing-yu
2015Bio-inspired and multiple direction vibration isolation systemSun, Bo
2021Bio-inspired methods for sensorimotor mapping in robotic systemsZahra, Omar Ibn Elkhatab Abdallah A. E.
2021Biologically inspired models and controls for hybrid soft-rigid robotsWu, Zeyu
2022Biomimetic surface engineering for biofouling controlEccel Vellwock, Andre
2020Bouncing and coalescence of binary droplets undergoing off-center collisions : a numerical study based on volume-of-fluid methodHe, Chengming
2022Breakthrough of ultrasonic imaging : from linear array to sparse networkYang, Xiongbin