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2015A study of humanoid robot walking with variable step lengths in different pitch and roll inclinationsYu, Hoi Fai
2017Study of inviscid and viscous hypersonic dissociating flows over blunt bodies using the CE/SE schemeSaldivar, Heriberto
2020Study of low temperature electrochemical performance of TiO₂ nanomaterials for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries anodesLin, Dongmei
2010Study of mechanical behavior of ultrafine and nanostructure 6061 aluminium alloy obtained by ECAP and SMATSun, Guoshan
2014Study of mechanical properties of aluminium-based sheets for structural applications : role of processing parametersCheung, Ka Po
2021Study of mitigating UHI effect through enhanced city convection in Hong KongChan, Chak Ming Rodney
2011The study of oscillatory flow pattern and flow-wall interaction in human pulmonary systemPeng, Yun
2003A study of perforated panels for sound absorptionLaw, Lok-yin Peter
2008A study of roadside noise barriers in a dense high-rise cityYeung, Kwok-leung
2016The study of silicon/poly (3,4- ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) hybrid solar cellsLam, Cheuk Yi
2020A study of tribology performance, airborne particle emissions and brake squeal noise of copper-free friction materialsWei, Long
2020Study on a flapping foil based flow energy harvesterZhao, Fuwang
2020Study on carbon fiber-based electrodes for composite structural batteriesFu, Yu
2008A study on kansei-based method for integrated concept design and its application in mobile phoneDong, Wei
2012Study on Lamb wave-based fatigue crack detection using seam assigned modelJiang, Zheng
1999Study on relationship between tire rolling resistance coefficient and damping ratio using experimental modal analysisChan, Tak-cheung
2024A study on semantic scene understanding with multi-modal fusion for autonomous drivingFeng, Zhen
2021Study on size effect affected deformation behavior in microembossing of multi-channel structuresTong, Xu
2019Study on the multi-scale structure and interfacial properties of plant fiber reinforced compositesLi, Qian
2021Study on the size effect affected the deformation behaviour and quality of the microgear fabricated by progressive microformingLiu, Hui