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20203D LiDAR aided GNSS positioning and its application in sensor fusion for autonomous vehicles in urban canyonsWen, Weisong
20213D-mapping-aided GNSS real-time kinematics in urban environmentsNg, Hoi Fung
2022Ab initio chemical kinetics and flickering flame dynamics of n-alkane fuel combustionChi, Yicheng
2023Abnormal status detection of construction workersWang, Xinran
2020Acoustic behavior of micro-perforated panels in grazing flowZhang, Xiaoqi
2017Acoustic black hole effect for vibration controlTang, Liling
2020Acoustic black hole plates for vibration and sound radiation mitigationMa, Li
2021Acoustic impedance of micro-perforated panels under complex grazing flow conditionQi, Chunhui
2009Acoustic resonators for noise control in enclosures : modelling, design and optimizationYu, Ganghua
2020Acoustic waveguide for high temperature range contact thermometryWong, Ting Yui
2014Active control of a turbulent round jet based on unsteady microjetsZhang, Pei
2012Active control of flow-induced acoustic resonance through surface perturbationLu, Zhenbo
2021Additive manufacturing-driven thin film ultrasound sensors : from sensing ink development to applications in ultrasonics-based structural health monitoringZhou, Pengyu
2012Advanced composites manufactured from cyclic butylenes terephthalate resin with post-processingTian, Lei
2012Advanced composites with nanofillers prepared from cyclic butylene terephthalate resinSheng, Qi
2023Advanced iron-based anode materials for high performance rechargeable batteriesZhou, Zeqi
2021Advanced polymeric materials for the enhanced performance of energy storage devicesWang, Jingwei
2022Advancement of close-proximity (CPX) measurement methodology for tyre/road noiseLi, Dongfang
2017Aero-acoustic-structural interactions and noise control in the fan-ducted systemChiang, Yan Kei
2022Aeroacoustics of a D-shaped generic vehicle profileHuang, Guangyuan