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2017Backpulse and backblow cleaning of nanofiber filter loaded with nano-aerosolsHau, Wing Yi Curie
2003Behavior-based robot navigation using ultrasonic sensor array and neuro-fuzzy techniquesWong, Wing-yu
2015Bio-inspired and multiple direction vibration isolation systemSun, Bo
2021Bio-inspired methods for sensorimotor mapping in robotic systemsZahra, Omar Ibn Elkhatab Abdallah A. E.
2021Biologically inspired models and controls for hybrid soft-rigid robotsWu, Zeyu
2022Biomimetic surface engineering for biofouling controlEccel Vellwock, Andre
2020Bouncing and coalescence of binary droplets undergoing off-center collisions : a numerical study based on volume-of-fluid methodHe, Chengming
2022Breakthrough of ultrasonic imaging : from linear array to sparse networkYang, Xiongbin
2006Broadband wave reflection by fluid-plate interactionHan, Jun
2021The calibration of high-speed ludwieg tube wind tunnel and experimental investigation of high-speed boundary layer transition on a flat plateChen, Siyu
1999Case-based reasoning in selection of centrifugal pumpNg, Yin-ngai
2013Centrifugal microfluidic flow and mixing with applications in cell culture and cell lysingRen, Yong
2012CFD modeling of sediment transport with the river modelQin, Jingshu
2021CFD simulation and DMD analysis of pulsatile flow in pathological vesselsZhang, Wensen
2003Characterisation of exhaust gaseous and particle emissions from a DI diesel engine with retrofitting of a diesel oxidation catalystWong, Chi-piu
2012Characterization of deformation defects in metallic glasses and metallic glass composites : from experiment to computer modelingShen, Ying
2017Characterizing hypervelocity impact-induced damage using linear and nonlinear features of acousto-ultrasonic waves : theoretical modeling, sensor development and experimental validationLiu, Menglong
2019Characterizing undersized damage using nonlinear features of guided ultrasonic waves : from theoretical modeling, numerical simulation and experimental validation to applicationsWang, Kai
2001Chemical reactions and NOx emissions in bluff-body stabilized flamesShen, Hongmei
2019Chitosan-based nanofibrous scaffold for cell growthMak, Yi Wah