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2008Eco-friendly product : feasibility study on the use of refuse derived fuel (RDF) in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) regionLiu, Chi-ying
1999Effect of angle on forced convection in air-cooled isosceles triangular ductChan, Tin-cheung
2009Effect of driving routes and driving modes on vehicular emissions and fuel consumptionMou, Yun-nin
2019Effect of low-temperature aging on phase transformation and superelasticity of niti alloys with different grain sizesSun, Bo
2022Effect of nanosecond dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators on shock wave boundary layer interactionWong, Chung Chu
1999Effect of porosity on mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy of metal injection moulded (MIM) partsChan, Kai-chung Gabriel
2006Effects of impingement plate on thermal performance of premixed impinging flame jetsZhao, Zhen
2020Effects of porous walls on supersonic/hypersonic boundary-layer instabilityTian, Xudong
2017Effects of SMAT on corrosion properties of materials in steam generatorLi, Nana
1999Effects of surface roughness on forced convection and friction in an air-cooled equilateral triangular ductLo, Ching-yuen Alex
2009Electrical and mechanical properties of smart PNN-PT ceramic materialsWang, Song
2014Electrospun carbon nanofibers/nanotubes for Li-based batteriesChen, Yuming
2020Electrospun one-dimensional carbon-based nanomaterials for energy applicationHu, Jing
2015Electrospun TiO₂-based nanomaterials for energy storageLi, Xiaoyan
2024Enabling high-performance lithium metal batteries through nanostructure engineeringXie, Chuyi
2022Energizing fuel cells with an electrically rechargeable liquid fuelShi, Xingyi
2016Engine performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine burning gaseous-diesel dual fuelZhou, Quan
2015Engine performance, gaseous emissions & soot agglomerates from a diesel engine fuelled with diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blendsTse, Ho Jeff
2021Engineering electrochemical cells for ambient ammonia synthesis via nitrogen reductionLi, Guangzhe
2021Enhanced multifunctional properties of CFRP composites for lightning strike protectionDuongthipthewa, Anchalee