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2022Nanocomposite-functionalized fibre-reinforced polymer composites with integrated self-sensing and monitoring capabilitiesSu, Yiyin
2020A nanocomposite-inspired broadband sensing network coating for acousto-ultrasonics-based in situ structural health monitoringLiao, Yaozhong
2006Nanopatterning by atomic force microscopyTang, Qian
2021Nanoscale precipitation and mechanical properties of coherent precipitation–strengthened high-entropy alloysFan, Lei
2000Navigation of an autonomous outdoor vehicle on a road surface with changing geometryChan, Fu-man Alick
2010A new design of rotational hybrid vibration absorber for global structural vibration controlTso, Man-ho
2010A new method for separating straightness, yawing and rolling errors of a linear slideZhu, Ming
2022A new type of sonic black hole device for sound absorptionXia, Jiajun
2016New-type vibration isolation structure design and performance analysisWu, Zhijing
2004Noise attenuation by vibroacoustic couplingChiu, Yu-him
2006Noise barriers in a complex urban environmentKwok, Man-pun
2023Non-Hermitian topological phases in elastic and acoustic latticesFan, Haiyan
2017Nonlinear control for vehicle active suspension systemsPan, Huihui
2011Nonlinear finite element modelling and adaptive sliding mode control of piezoelectric tube actuatorChung, Sui-hong
2012Nonlinear frequency domain analysis and design of vehicle suspension systemsChen, Yue
2019Nonlinear guided-wave-based structural health monitoring : mechanism and system design for material degradation monitoringShan, Shengbo
2021Nonlinear shear-horizontal waves for structural health monitoring through incipient defect detectionWen, Fuzhen
2022Novel flexible piezoelectric nanocomposite sensors for monitoring of human pulseLiu, Mingran
2012A novel Integrated Sensing System (ISS) for monitoring kinematic errors of a precision linear slideHou, Nengjie
2021Novel mobile robotic system for structural health monitoringLei, Junjie