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2018On energy harvesting from open channel water flows using passively oscillating hydrofoilsQadri, Muhammad Nafees Mumtaz
2016On propagation characteristics of three-dimensional elastic waves guided by thick-walled hollow cylinder and application to detection of damage in train axleZiaja, Aleksandra
2022On radiation-based thermal servoing : perception, modelling, control, and experimentsHu, Luyin
2022On the hydrodynamic performance of metachronal paddlingYu, Antong
1999On-road emissions and fuel consumption analysis of gasoline vehiclesSo, Che-hong Wilson
2021One stage grasp detection with transfer learningFang, Hong
2004Open- and closed-loop control of flow-structure interaction on square cylinders in a cross flowZhang, Mingming
2023Operating fuel cells with an electrically rechargeable liquid fuelEsan, Oladapo Christopher
2022Optimal urban design for outdoor thermal comfort and air qualityLi, Zhengtong
2008An optimization methodology for preform design in forming processes via FEM simulationHu, Difeng
2018Optimization of mechanical and electrochemical performances of silicon electrode in lithium-ion batteries : molecular dynamics simulationsYin, Qifang
2009Optimizations of dynamic vibration absorbers for suppressing vibrations in structuresCheung, Yan-lung
2011Organic field effect transistor based nonvolatile memory devicesRen, Xiaochen
2010Organic-assisted solid-state reaction method for fabrication of PNN-PT ceramics with superior ferroelectric propertiesYe, Yin
2001Organized structures and their interactions in the turbulent wake of circular cylindersZhang, Hongjun
2015Parametric convergence bound of volterra series expansion and applications using nCOS-based analysis and designXiao, Zhenlong
2021Partition of unity finite element method and acoustic black hole effects : structural modelling and vibration suppressionZhou, Tong
2022Pedestrian navigation mobile device-based dead reckoning aided by factorsLiao, Qiushen
2015Performance and emissions of a direct-injection diesel engine fueled with biodiesel and dieselWei, Long
2003Pharmaceutical droplets formation and diagnostics techniques developmentWang, Yuan