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2014Temperature effect on the evolution of hydrides in zirconiumHao, Mingjun
2020Theoretical and numerical investigation on vibrational nonequilibrium effect in detonationUy, Chun Kit
2000Theoretical study and experimental evaluation of domestic burnerKwok, Arving
2007Thermal and emission characteristics of an inverse diffusion flame with circumferentially arranged fuel portsSze, Lip-kit
2010Thermal and emission characteristics of an inverse diffusion flame with induced swirlZhen, Haisheng
2003Thermal regeneration of metallic fibrous particulate filterChau, Man-wai
2011Thermoelectricity of small-molecular-weight organic semiconductors and titanium oxide nanotubesHu, Wenhao
2023Thin film coatings with ultra–high stability for precision glass moldingAkhtar, Awais
2006Three-dimensional vortical structures behind a normal or inclined cylinder with or without running water rivuletsHuang, Jiefeng
2000Time-domain prediction of acoustics in domains with realistic boundariesShum, Wai-sun
2007A turbulent cylinder wake with cylinder corners modified or a neighbouring cylinder presentHu, Juchuan
2011Turbulent flows within a cyclone and behind an ahmed vehicle modelWang, Xiaowen
2005Turbulent structures in the wake of circular cylindersYiu, Man-wah
2000The turbulent wake of two side-by-side circular cylindersYiu, Man-wah
2022An ultrasonic testing-based research tool for real-time corrosion rate monitoringBai, Xinru
2015Using psychoacoustic analysis to evaluate sound quality of hair-care productXu, Xi
2013Vehicle queue effect on the characteristics of air flow, and exhaust scalar dispersion and distribution fields in the vehicle wakeHuang, Jiefeng
2021Ventilated helical structure acoustic metamaterialsChen, Siyu
2021Vibration analysis and active vibration control of the magnetically suspended flywheel rotorXiang, Biao
2006Vibration and damage monitoring in advanced composites using multiplexed fibre bragg grating (FBG) sensorsLing, Hang-yin