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2004An exploratory study on the effect of body weight support treadmill training for children with cerebral palsyYu, Chung-man Annie
2000An exploratory study on the handwriting performance of children with and without developmental coordination disorderChui, Mun-yee
1999An exploratory study on the nature of interactions between direct care staff and residents with developmental disabilities in a hospital settingChan, Sau-lai Jenny
2005An exploratory study on the perception of stigma and coping strategies of people with mental illness in an acute psychiatric setting in Hong KongChong, Bo-wah
2002Facial affect recognition in Chinese patients with schizophreniaWong, Hung-kei Raymond
2010Factor structure and predictive validity of the street survival skills questionnaire (the Chinese version)Chau, Man-ling Elaine
2007Factors affecting the Chinese handwriting performance of children in Hong KongCheung, Wai-shan Candice
2007Factors influencing change in participants in a self management program for chronic disease in Hong KongChan, Chi-chung Sam
1999The falls efficacy scale in relation to balance and gait performance for elderly Chinese residentsFung, Shi-wai
2019Falls prevention through exercise and cognitive training among community-dwelling older persons with mild cognitive impairmentLipardo, Donald Sison
2009Fatigue of lower limb muscles during repetitive cycling exercise : electromyographic assessment and interventionSo, Chi-hung Raymond
2023Feasibility and acceptability of a community-based post-operative fall prevention program in improving physical function and balance of patients following total knee arthroplastyLo, Wai Ting
2013Feed-forward thalamic modulation and neuroplasticity in the auditory cortexYu, Kai
2012Focused attention modulating pain perception in people with chronic pain : an event-related potential studyChan, Chi Chung Sam
2002Functional profile of Chinese elderly : a validation study on the disability assessment for dementia (Chinese version)Mok, Ching-man Cycbie
2007Group processes and therapeutic factors in chronic disease self-management programLung, Pui-yee
2018Handwriting performance among kindergarten children in Hong KongTse, Fung Ling Linda
2010The handwriting performance, visualspatial processing and their relationship of pre-school children with and without autistic spectrum disorderSiu, Wai-man
2015How can prior visual experience modulate cross auditory-spatial learning in blind individuals?Tao, Qian
2017How motor-skill experiences modulate executive control : differentiation of proactive and reactive controlsYu, Qiuhua