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2016A study of musculoskeletal loading in using a touchscreen smartphone among young people with and without chronic neck-shoulder painXie, Yanfei
2010Study of pressure effect on hypertrophic scar tissuesLai, Hoi-yan Candy
2000A study of relationship between memory deficits and the functional improvement among stroke patients in Hong KongLi, Kwok-fai Ray
2020The study of scar vascularity measurement and effect of controlling vascularity by pulsed dye laser on managing hypertrophic scarsDeng, Huan
2019A study of the behavioral and neurogenic effect and mechanism of action of lavender essential oil and bis-7-cognitin : potential treatment options for depressionSánchez Vidaña, Dalinda Isabel
1998The study of the Chinese SF 36 in evaluation of the health related quality of life change in physiotherapy out-patients in Hong KongWu, Chun-man Edwin
1998A study of the effect of low frequency low intensity pulsed magnetotherapy on the blood flow and oxygen perfusion of ischaemic feet of diabetic patientsLo, Shun-lap Sunny
2003A study of the effectiveness of community occupational therapy on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patientsLeung, Ching-han Vivien
2001Study of the feasibility of using goal attainment scaling in children with severe motor, sensory and cognitive impairments to measure outcomes of physiotherapy treatmentsAu, Lai-fun Ada
2004A study of the handwriting speed and visual motor integration of school-aged children with developmental coordination disorder in Hong KongKwoo, Ching-yee Alice
2000A study of the isokinetic strength ratio of shoulder internal and external rotators in badminton playersLam, Chuk-wai
1998A study of the outcome of the stroke rehabilitation program in Wong Tai Sin HospitalChan, Yin-ling
1999A study of the physiological and neuromuscular demands on female nurses working in geriatric wards in Hong KongHui, Ling
2000A study of the reliability and validity of the Chinese version aberrant behavior checklistLee, Wing-kin Siegfrid
2001A study of the reliabiltiy [sic] and validity of the modified Lawton instrumental activities of daily living scale for the elderlyMan, Mei-hing Jane
2003A study of the validity and reliability of the Chinese version of Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive AssessmentLeung, Yin-ching Esther
2003A study of the validity and reliability of the Hong Kong Chinese version activity card sortChan, Wing-kie Vikky
2000A study of the validity and reliability of the pediatric evaluation of disability inventory (Chinese version) in children with cerebral palsy in Hong KongChun, Ming-chi Phyllis
1998A study of two different chest physiotherapy percussion techniques on some physiological changes in neonatesLeung, Ka-po Andrea
2009Study on the effectiveness of modified constraint-induced movement therapy and self-regulation learning for students with hemiplegic cerebral palsy in school-based settingWong, Ying-man Kenny