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2009Backward walking in people with Parkinson's diseaseLam, Ngo-sheung
2009Balance function of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Shum, Bo-man Selina
2004Balance performance between community-dwelling stroke fallers and non-fallersCheung, Yik-mei
2010Balance performance in children with Developmental Coordination DisorderLee, Yuen-li Velma
1999The balance performance of Tai Chi and non-Tai Chi practitioners in HongKongNg, Pui-ling Vivien
2010Beliefs in healthy diet and physical activities among parents of school-age children with intellectual disabilityTang, Pui-yu
2023Biofeedback gait retraining under real-world running conditionsChan, Yau Shan Zoe
2008Biomechanical analysis of human motion on a horse-riding machineNg, Chu-kei Richy
2001Biomechanical and electromyographic analyses of muscle strengtheningLaw, Ka-yee Rainbow
2017Biomechanical assessment and electromagnetic intervention for diabetic ulcersChoi, Ming Chun
2009The biomechanical property of the foot-ankle complex and the balance performance for people with diabetes mellitusChau, Mei-wa Rosanna
2021Bone and muscle properties in individuals with chronic strokeMiller, Tiev B
2011Bone density and macrostructure of the radius in patients after chronic stroke : relationship to muscle function and cardiovascular healthCheng, Qun Ada
2014Brain mechanism underlying Iowa gambling task : an fMRI studyMa, Shuangye
2013Brain-machine-muscle interfaces for restoring locomotion after spinal cord injuriesAlam, Md. Monzurul
2007Can acu-TENS improve quality of sleep?Fong, Ka-chun.
2001Can home based resistance training improve perceived and functional abilities for community dwelling elders?Lai, Chung-biu
2012Can mini-BESTest predict recurrent falls in patients with Parkinson's disease? : a six months prospective studyLau, Nga Chi
2001Can pre-emptive and continued transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) improve the management of post-operative knee pain?Wang, Ninghua
2011Can Tai Chi improve the balance control of elderly persons with visual impairment?Chen, Wei Ellen