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2018Handwriting performance among kindergarten children in Hong KongTse, Fung Ling Linda
2010The handwriting performance, visualspatial processing and their relationship of pre-school children with and without autistic spectrum disorderSiu, Wai-man
2015How can prior visual experience modulate cross auditory-spatial learning in blind individuals?Tao, Qian
2017How motor-skill experiences modulate executive control : differentiation of proactive and reactive controlsYu, Qiuhua
2017Identifying risk factors for severe injuries in rugby playersMirsafaei Rizi, Rezvan
2004Immediate effect of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on spasticity in patients with spinal cord injuryChung, Ping-ho
2023The impact of an international classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF)-based post-stroke rehabilitation program in promoting patients’ community reintegrationWong, Ngai Kiu
2004An in-vivo intracellular study of auditory thalamic neuronsYu, Yanqin
1999The influence of a walking exercise program on the balance of residents ambulating with stick in a local care and attention homeNgai, Mei-ping
2009The influence of auricular transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) on autonomic function and pain threshold in healthy subjectsLau, Wai-leung
2004The influence of different lateral computer monitor positions on neck and shoulder muscle activities and subjective discomfort during computer useSham, Siu-wai
2010The influence of Monochromatic Infrared Energy (MIRE) on microcirculation in lower limbMak, Chi-hang
2010Influence of vestibulo-ocular and oculo-motor functions on motor performance of school-aged children with development coordination disorders : a pilot studyFan, Wing-nga Olivia
2021Information and value during multi-attribute learning and decision makingGiron, Cristian Geovanny
2012An innovative assessment of the biomechanical properties of plantar tissues and diabetic foot ulcersChao, Yuet Lan Clare
2011An intelligent rehabilitation system for cognitive rehabilitationYip, Chi-bun
2012An interactive physio-psychological model on understanding stress among individuals performing sedentary computer tasksWang, Yuling
2012Intrathalamic interaction in the medial geniculate bodyGuo, Shanshan
2007Investigating the back muscle fatigue of patients with unilateral chronic low back painAuw-Yang, Ching-ngai
2010Investigation of running shoe design on the foot kinematics, kinetics, and muscle recruitment pattern in people with overpronation problemCheung, Tsz-hei Roy