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2008Occupational risk factors for neck and shoulder pain among Hong Kong nursesShum, Siu-ling
2009Oculo-motor, vestibulo-ocular function and motor performance of school-aged children : a pilot studyLee, Wai-nga Clara
2010Optical assessment and electromagnetic therapy for peripheral blood circulation in people with diabetesSun, Jiahui
2002The optimal stimulation frequency of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) on people with knee osteoarthritisLaw, Pui-wah Pearl
2010Optimizing the ultrasound echoes of electronic Bat EarsSong, Dongjin
2018Orienting attention for pain attenuation in patients with chronic low back pain : a study of mechanism using event-related potentialPeng, Jiaxin
2008Osteogenic index of different exercises for subjects with strokeLau, Wai-kin
2001An outcome evaluation of a work hardening program for a group of wrist injured workersLai, Ho-yin Frank
1998Outcome study of a conservative treatment program for carpal tunnel syndromeChan, Kit-yuk Rebecca
2003Outcomes of a multidisciplinary treatment program for chronic low back pain patients in Hong KongWan, Wai-man
2007Parameters for design of computer-based program for people with mental retardationWong, Wing-kai.
1999Parent compliance with physiotherapy home program for children with developmental disabilitiesYuen, Lily
2007Parental burden among caregivers of severe mentally handicapped children at school ageWong, Kam-man Adam
2009Parents of children with severe intellectual disabilities in Hong Kong : relationship among their perceived stress, coping strategies and subjective quality of lifeLin, Lai-ying Anny
2000Parents' self-concept of school-age children with severe mental handicap in Hong KongCheng, Wing-yeung Andrew
2004Parkinson's disease (PD) and young-onset Parkinson's disease (YOPD) : an investigation into genetic and environmental factorsLam, Wai-man
2018Perceived rehabilitation needs of people with schizophrenia and their caregivers in WuxiTsui, Chi Man
1999Perception of occupational performance between clients and occupational therapistsLiu, Pui-yee Karen
1998The perception of supported employment for disabled persons in a laundry shop : a study on workers and staff's perspectivesFung, Ching-man Jenny
2007Performance of a dynamic reach-and-grasp task in children with developmental coordination disorderLeung, Yuk-wa Eva