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2006Real-time measurement and analysis of the mechanical response of the spine to manipulative therapyTsung, Yuk-san Bonnie
2012Regulation in vascularity after extracorporeal shock wave therapy in individuals with proximal plantar fasciitisChen, Hongying
2020Regulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis and affective behaviors by tactile stimulation in ratsChow, Ka Wing
2001Relationship between Chinese and English handwriting speed, in-hand manipulation and pencil grip position of children 5-6 years of age in day nurseries in Hong KongLam, Lai-fun Selina
2008The relationship between motor skills and school performance in children aged 6-12 in Hong KongMok, Wing-yun Charmian
2002Relationship between self-efficacy and pre-vocational work performance of persons with schizophrenia in Hong KongChiu, Pi-fan Frank
2006Relationship between self-stigma of people with psychotic disorders and their adherence to psychosocial treatmentFung, Mang-tak
2002Relationship between the self-perceived physical exertion and the actual exertion on lifting performance : a comparison of experienced workers and healthcare professionalsLi, Lam
1998Relationship between visual motor skills and Chinese handwriting performance of kindergarten children in Hong KongWeng, Kwai-heung Karan
2010Relationship of challenging behavior and sensory processing function in children with severe intellectual disabilitiesChoy, Wing-yan
2022The relationships between joint alignment, muscle properties, pain, and gait biomechanics in seniors with knee osteoarthritisHuang, Chen
2005Relationships between quadriceps and hamstring muscles isokinetic profile for sprinters with and without hamstring injuriesTse, Chi-yan
2012Reliability and validity of Mini Balance Evaluation Systems Test in evaluating balance performance in individuals with strokeTsang, Sau-lan
2000Reliability and validity of psychoeducational profile-revised (Chinese version)Tang, Lai-yi Florence
2003The reliability and validity of the Chinese version of allen cognitive level screens : a preliminary studyLeung, Siu-bong
2009Reliability and validity of the Continuous-Scale Physical Functional Performance test (CS-PEP10-HK)-Hong Kong versionLuk, Wai-yan
2016Remind to move : a comparison of its effect with constraint-induced movement therapy and conventional therapy on upper limb functions for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsyDong, Anqin
2008Response properties and functional interactions of auditory thalamus and cortex in the guinea pigZhang, Zhuo
2007The return to work model for injured workers in Hong KongChan, Hong-kei Henky
2005Risk factors influencing the frequency of influenza-like-illness in elderly nursing home residentsVong, Yee-ping Yonny