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2015Unconsciously implanted memory in the presence of cholecystokinin retrieved in a behaviorally relevant contextZhang, Zicong
2005The use of examination on auricular acupuncture zones as health screening testWan, Wan Sharon
2002The use of goal attainment scaling in the evaluation of gross motor changes in children with cerebral palsyDai, Oi-sheung Mandy
2003Use of modified Northwick Park Neck Pain Questionnaire in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) : validation studyYeung, Lai-ching
2019The use of pulsed electromagnetic field to promote diabetic wound healing in different wound modelsKwan, Lai Chu Rachel
1998The use of the chinese version work personality profile in assessing employability of psychiatric day patients in Hong KongChan, Cap Siu-ching
2001Using a sit-and-forward reach test to predict the mobility outcomes of patients with acute strokeTsang, Yuk-lan Emily
1999Using GMFM (Gross Motor Function Measure) to assess pattern of motor dysfunction in athetoid and spastic diplegic cerebral palsy childrenWong, Ching-yin
2023Using high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography to study the long bone structural changes after stroke : a longitudinal studyOuyang, Huixi
2005Validation of ADL domains for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Hong KongSo, Chi-tao
1999Validation of functional needs assessment (Chinese version) for people with chronic schizophreniaLaw, Kwok-man
1999Validation of Miller Assessment for Preschoolers (Cantonese version)Poon, Magdalene Yan-che
2007Validation of the Chinese translated personal well-being index on young school-age children in Hong KongChan, Chung-man Barbara
2008Validation of the Chinese translated personal wellbeing index with adolescents in Hong KongWong, Ching-yee
1999The validation of the Hong Kong Chinese version of the Lawton Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale for the institutionalized elderly personsTong, Yuk-chung Angela
2003Validation of the Hong Kong developmental assessment checklist : fine motor scale (HKDAC-FM) for 2 and 3 years old children : a preliminary studyLee, Shuk-ching Clara
2009Validation on the Chinese version AAMR Adaptive Behavior Scale-Residential and Community Second Edition (ABS-RC:2)Wan, Chun-kit
2006A validation study of Fuld Object Memory Evaluation for institutionalized elderly peopleHo, Shuk-kuen
2010Validation study of the perceived efficacy and goal setting system (PEGS) for the children with developmental coordination disorder in Hong KongLin, Sik Ying Lenzs
2003A validation study of the self-administered carpal tunnel syndrome questionnaire (Chinese version)Leung, Yin-chee