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2009An empirical study of predicting Hong Kong consumers' online shopping intentions : personal hygiene productsChung, Man-wai
2006An empirical study of the capital structure of the property companies in Hong KongLeung, Ho-yin Stephen
2007An empirical study of the factors affecting the personal adoption of 3G multimedia communications : operational definition of interpersonal privacy concernsHo, Lok-sun Angus
2007An empirical study of the impact of brand name on personal customers' adoption of Internet banking in Hong KongYeung, Wai-hung
2004An empricial study of customer knowledge as a factor of customer relation management : an extended customer knowledge competence modelKwok, Ka-ho
2009Enforcement of maritime law in ChinaChen, Yangyang
2009Enterprise performance and its antecedents in a 'hybrid' institutional setting : China's pharmaceutical sectorXu, Kehan
2004Entrepreneurial competencies of Hong Kong entrepreneurs : study of their growth and success in transitional China economical and political environmentWatt, Chi-chung
2010Entrepreneurial orientation & firm performance : the moderating effect of institution & governing-agency social capitalTsui, Hon-yan Paul
2009Estimation of grain trade seaborne demand : an implication from gravity modelZhao, Xiaoxue
2004An evaluation of the ethics of purchasing in Hong KongCheung, Chi-leung
2005An evaluation of the low cost airline strategy : a descriptive study of Airasia in MacauLau, Kung-ho Adam
2008Examining knowledge sharing behaviors from motivational, social capital and cultural perspectives : empirical study on postgraduate students in Hong KongEngriwan, Wilhelmi
2008An exploraratory study of factors affecting usage of information technology in support of knowledge sharing in service organizations in Hong KongChow, Ngai-keung
2004An exploration of trust and buyer-seller relationship quality in the Hong Kong toy industryLee, Chun-ying Andrew
2004An exploratory study of feeder network management system at HITAu, Yiu-wai Stephen
2003An exploratory study of the critical success factors for IT-enabled property agencies in GuangzhouSiu, Miu-chee Corinna
2004An exploratory study on barriers for supplier development in textile industry : a case studyTsang, Ngan-sim Phyby
2010Exploring new constructs of authoritarian leadership : an empirical study on paternalism in Hong KongWai, Yau-hang Andre
2012Exploring the role of internal service quality in the manufacturing contextKong, Tak Chuen Titus