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2001Deconstructing Hong Kong fashion system : globalisation and cultural identity of fashion in Hong KongLing, W. S. Wessie
2020Design and development of age-friendly brasZhang, Shichen
2007Design and development of electrically conducting textile sensors for smart textiles and apparelTsang, Hing-yee Joanna
2015Design and fabrication of scalable, efficient and durable graphene-based catalysts for the water-soluble aromatic pollutant reductionHu, Huawen
2011Design and fabrication of shape memory filaments into knee high compression stockingsOnkaraiah, Pavithra
2012Design innovation of functional cycling sportswearLuo, Jie
1999Determinants of long-term buyer-seller relationships : an analysis from a buying office's perspective in Hong Kong apparel industrySiu, Lai-kam
2018Developing a three-dimensional (3D) assessment method for clubfootGanesan, Balasankar
2019Developing flexible capacitive synthetic fabric for wearable electronicsHui, Chi Yuen
2020Development and analysis of solvent-assisted dyeing system for cotton fibreTang, Yiu Lun
2019Development and evaluation of acu-magnetic therapeutic apparel for symptomatic knee osteoarthritis (KOA) relief in the elderlyGong, Zidan
2013Development and evaluation of phototherapy device made of luminous polymer optical fiber fabricsShen, Jing
2009The development and validation of agent-based communication and negotiation models for apparel supply chain managementPan, An
2011Development of 2D block patterns from fit feature-aligned flattenable 3D garmentsHuang, Haiqiao
2011Development of a Green Index for the textile industry : an application in ChinaYou, Sau-wai Sophie
2013Development of a mass customization system for shoe last designZhang, Yifan
1999Development of a new quality improvement process in Hong Kong dyeing and finishing factoryChan, Kwok-keung Nelson
2003The development of a perspiring fabric manikin for the evaluation of clothing thermal comfortChen, Yisong
2010Development of a sweating fabric manikin with sedentary and supine posturesWu, Yuen-shing
2018Development of advanced instrumentation for evaluating drying and stickiness of textile materialsChau, Kam Hong