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2012Fabric strain sensor integrated with CNPECs for repeated large deformationYi, Weijing
2007Fabrication and characterization of flexible organic light-emitting diodes for smart textiles applicationWang, Guangfeng
2017Fabrication and study of patterned polymer brushes for controlling cell behaviorChen, Lina
2015Fabrication of high infrared reflective textiles by magnetron sputtering technology Miao DagangMiao, Dagang
2016Fabrication of metallic textiles assisted with polymer brushesYan, Ka Chi
2011Fabrication of superhydrophilic wool fabrics by nanotechnologyChen, Dong
2016Fabrication of textiles based capacitive deviceLi, Wing Chung Vincent
2005Fabrication, structures and properties of nano/microencapsulated phase change materials, thermo-regulated fibres and fabricsZhang, Xingxiang
2018Fashion and clothing as meaning-making systems : a socio-semiotic approachXu, Wenwen
2000Fashion brand retailing : creating added value and customer loyaltyMa, Yuet-mei Maria
2018Fashion mass customization supply chains with consumer returns : coordination and supply contractingGuo, Shu
2012Filamentous foaming problem control in activated sludgeHuangfu, Yanchong
2019Finite element model for predicting the pressure comfort and shaping effect of wired brasSun, Yue
2018Flame retardant finishing based on novel boron polymersChan, Shuk Ying
2019Flexible and wearable textile-based supercapacitorsHuang, Qiyao
2016Flexible electric generator for wearable electronics applicationsChen, Song
2013Formation mechanism of CNT and related materialXu, Ziwei
2017Function-led design of multifunctional stimuli-responsive superhydrophobic surface based on hierarchical graphene-titania nanocoatingLiu, Yang
2020Functional intimate apparel for adolescents with scoliosisFok, Lai Hing
2004The future of fashion illustrationAu, Wai-man Raymond