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2016Rare earth activated phosphors coating for photoluminescent textileChen, Zhuoming
1998The readiness of implementing total quality management practices : an applied case study in one of the maintenance units in a public transportation companyLeung, Hon-wai
2008Reinventing jacquard textile design via the deployment of digitisation technology towards innovative endsZhou, Jiu
2017Removal of dyestuffs and heavy metal from effluent via encapsulation technologyLuk, Chi Him Jim
2000A review of construction safety measure in construction industry based on total quality management techniquesTang, Peter
2018Safe and non-fouling reactive antibacterial agents on cotton fabricsGuo, Yujuan
1998Shade passing : applications in the manufacturing of multi-component apparel with particular reference to colour matchingLam, Siu-wing
2019Shape memory polymer composites for bone repairZhang, Yuanchi
2017Shape memory polymer foams as bone scaffolds for bone regenerationXie, Ruiqi
2007The shaping effect of body shapers on female attractivenessLim, Ngai-ying
2013Silk fibroin-based nanoparticles drug delivery system by supercritical CO₂technologyZhao, Zheng
2018A sizing and grading method for better footwear fit and comfortJiang, Lanyin
1999Skill competencies required for mid level garment merchandising managersLau, Man Veca
2018Smart materials : functional design of thermal textilesTong, Jiahui
2013A smart temperature responsive polymeric system for textile materialsYang, Hengrui
2002Sorption studies of acid dyes on chitosanWong, Yu-chiu
2020Spider silk inspired fibers and its archetypal propertiesVenkatesan, Harun
2018Spinning dynamics and performances of modified ring spun yarnsYin, Rong
1999Strategic alliances of Hong Kong based clothing manufacturing firmsChan, Siu-po
2008Strategic networking and transactional performance : a study of the Hong Kong clothing industryLau, Mei-mei