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2016Characterization of focused intravascular transducer for vulnerable plaque diagnosisXu, Yajie
2014Characterization of the colorectal cancer by combining high-frequency endoscopic ultrasound and quantitative ultrasoundLiu, Cheng
2015A comparative study of gait biomechanics and plantar pressure with different types of rocker shoesYounus, Abida
2013Development of a computational model of knee-ankle-foot complex for foot support designLiu, Xuan
2012Development of a near-infrared photometer for early detection of tissue distress at anatomical sites prone to pressure ulcerLui, Ka Him Michael
2013Development of continuous-flow polymerase chain reaction microchip with integrated electrolytic pumpYiu, Chun Ying
2012Development of novel imaging systems and techniques for micro-ultrasoundQiu, Weibao
2013DNA absorption and desorption with functionalized nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide membraneYang, Suhan
2012Effect of foot supports on knee joint loadingHuang, Meng
2012Effects of different exercises on neurochemical and functional changes after brain ischemia : an experimental studyKe, Zheng
2012Evaluation of biomechanical environment of foot within different shoesCong, Yan
2014Experimental evaluation on tracking sitting posture with sitting center of pressure and contact areaMak, Sheung Chi Caleb
2015A feasibility study of dynamic tension measurement and intracellular calcium concentration measurement in intact muscle tissue by using Fura-2Li, Mengjin
2014The feasibility study of motion tracking using 3D ultrasound : phantom testsLee, King Hong
2014Fluorescence resonance energy transfer-based biosensor between graphene quantum dots and gold nanopaticles for optical diagnostic of staphylococcus aureus oligonucleotideLi, Hui Jun
2013Folic acid and fitc conjugated superparamagnetic nanoparticles for targeting MCF-7 cancer cellsChen, Ao
2014Functional and structural reorganization in relation to functional outcomes after stroke : insights from magnetic resonance imagingWong, Wan Wa
2014Graphene oxide based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FREF) biosensor for H5N1 DNA detectionMeng, Nuo Ya
2014Graphene quantum dots : magnetic nanoparticle composite based cellular drug delivery carrier systemTeng, Yun
2015Graphene quantum dots-aptamer and graphene oxide based fluorescence resonance energy transfer biosensor for the detection of EpCAM protein and breast cancer cell (MCF-7)Tan, Xiaoying