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2001Biomechanical analyses of the load at the apical vertebra, postural balance, and gait for subjects with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisLao, Lai-mio Miko
2002Biomechanical and biological consequences of cyclic compression on intervertebral disc : an in-vivo rat-tail modelChing, Tak-shing Congo
2000Biomechanical effects of castored chair height on the load of the lumbar spine during forward propulsion using feetYui, Kwan-ying
2002Biomechanics of upper extremities during manual wheelchair maneuversLam, Wai-nga
2005Characterization of normal and degenerated articular cartilage using ultrasound biomicroscope in vitroCheung, James
2006Clinical evaluation of newly designed spinal orthosis for the high thoracic curve of the patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS)Chan, Kwok-chu
2003Comparative study of conventional knee-ankle-foot orthoses versus isocentric reciprocating gait orthoses for paraplegic patientsWong, Fong-yee
2000A comparative study on the activity level of trans-tibial amputees with different prosthesis weightsWong, Man-wai
2002Comparison of reliability between professional and non-professional staff in assessing the risk of transferring person with cerebral palsyLeung, Chi-wa
1998Comparison of the effectiveness of agonist and antagonist stimulation on reducing spasticity of knee extensor for elderly hemiplegic stroke subjectsSo, Chung-wing
2000Development of a technique and protocol for the study of depth-dependent compressive property of bovine articular cartilageLau, Chi-wai
2000Development of mathematical models for the hearing mechanismWong, Cheung-lam
1999The effect of 35% hydrogen peroxide on the fracture toughness of hybrid composite resinsLam, Lai-yuen Stella
2004The effect of heel cushioning foot orthoses with and without medial longitudinal arch support on plantar fasciitisKwong, Yan-yee
1999Effect of object weight on self-selected lifting pattern for normal adultsTong, Wai-kuen
2003The effect of rocker bottom shoe on the distribution of plantar pressureKwok, Wing-kwan
2004The effect of vision, muscle fatigue and backrest inclination on the repositioning ability of the cervical spineWong, Fu-yan Thomas
2004The effectiveness of acupuncture treatment on motor and functional recovery of chronic stroke patientsLiu, Kin-lun
2005Effects of backpack loading on the pulmonary capacities of normal schoolgirls and those with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisNg, Hon-yan Xavier
2005Effects of backpack on balance for subjects with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with and without bracingLeung, Sin-shan Dawn