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1999The effect of 35% hydrogen peroxide on the fracture toughness of hybrid composite resinsLam, Lai-yuen Stella
2004The effect of heel cushioning foot orthoses with and without medial longitudinal arch support on plantar fasciitisKwong, Yan-yee
1999Effect of object weight on self-selected lifting pattern for normal adultsTong, Wai-kuen
2003The effect of rocker bottom shoe on the distribution of plantar pressureKwok, Wing-kwan
2004The effect of vision, muscle fatigue and backrest inclination on the repositioning ability of the cervical spineWong, Fu-yan Thomas
2004The effectiveness of acupuncture treatment on motor and functional recovery of chronic stroke patientsLiu, Kin-lun
2005Effects of backpack loading on the pulmonary capacities of normal schoolgirls and those with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisNg, Hon-yan Xavier
2005Effects of backpack on balance for subjects with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with and without bracingLeung, Sin-shan Dawn
2002Effects of backrest inclination on spinal postureSo, Tsz-wah Patrick
2001Effects of fixation of body function on the function of the dominant hand in people with cerebral palsyLui, Wai-ping
2002Effects of interferential therapy for pain reduction in patients with osteoarthritis of the kneeKwok, Chun-fai
2001Effects of laser acupuncture therapy in pain treatmentWong, Wai
2002Effects of lifting posture on the lumbar spine under an unexpected unloading conditionCheng, Yung-wa Irene
2002Effects of muscle fatigue and load on unexpected sudden release during liftingMan, Wai-kei
2001Effects of prosthetic alignment changes on interfacial pressure in anteroposterior translation under level and non-level walking conditionsLi, Ming-wah
2004Effects of seat height on propulsion time and pressure distribution during one arm and one leg wheelchair maneuvering among stroke clientsLi, Wai-shan Twinnie
2002The effects of sudden release height and load on the lumbar spine during liftingCheng, Chun-shing Aldous
2000Effects of sudden release on the electromyographic activities of the trunk during pullingTse, Tao-kan Alex
2004The effects of three pressure relief schedules on skin microcirculationLeung, Yat-sing Jonathan
2003Effects of transverse carpal ligament compression on nerve conduction findings in patients with carpal tunnel syndromePun, Yi-po