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2001Pedobarography and motion analysis for the patients after operative fixation of calcaneal fractureTsui, Hon-for
2002Performing geriatric fall prevention assessment through teleconferencing: feasibility studyTo, Wing-kin
2000Phosphate clearance kinetics : a comparison of hemophan and polysulfone in hemodialysisLo, Ming-yuen Kevin
2000Preparation and characterization of biodegradable PLLA fibers for orthopedics applicationsYung, Kin-on Brian
2004A randomized controlled trial (RCT) to compare the effectiveness of an individualized therapeutic seating intervention with the conventional seating systemWu, Anna
1998Reflected long head biceps tendon grafting : a biomechanical study on a new technique in reconstruction of paralyzed shoulder secondary to brachial plexus injuryTang, Chun-yuen
2001Relationship between kinetics and knee muscle strength in patients with anterior cruciate ligament deficiencyPang, Pik-yee
1999Relationship between lifting capacity and back and knee strength in normal Chinese male adultsYeung, Kit-chi
2003Response of tissue to dynamic loading during wheelchair propulsion : an investigation on the etiology of pressure soresTam, Wing-cheung Eric
2000Retraining of sitting balance in stroke patient by using visual biofeedback trainingCheung, Wai-kwok Nigel
2004A retrospective study on the effectiveness of capod CAD/CAM system for patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisChiu, Sun-wang
2004Shock wave effect on ex vivo articular cartilageTse, Chi-yung
2005The short term effect of pre-fabricated foot orthoses on arch height and plantar load bearing patternYu, Man-kit.
1999Study of electrogastrography : its measurement and analysisWong, King-chi
2000A study of MRI brain image segmentationMak, Chi-chuen
1998A study of the effect of hole drilling on a viscoelastic foam cushion for reduction of ischial pressureTse, Lee-shing Jeffrey
2001A study on chitosan-based hydrogels : towards the development of an artificial muscleSun, Shan
2000A study on the interface pressure generated by custom-made pressure garment constructon methodsThe, Yan Vivian
2000Templates for pressure relief under the ischial tuberosities in special seatingChung, Ka-wai David
2002Therapeutic efficacy of exercise intervention in chronic stroke individuals : Tai Chi against conventional physical trainingWong, Hiu-po Chris