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2001An investigation into the potential value of Hong Kong design in the perspective of competitive advantage : the case of Hong Kong electronic consumer product industryChong, Steven Pui-yik
2007"Mainland house" : a spatial-cultural study on Hong Kong people buying house/home in the Pearl River DeltaTsang, Siu-yin
2010Managing design in Chinese manufacturing industryLiu Xihui
2014A method of interpreting Chinese traditional everyday artefacts in the context of sustainable product designZheng, Yawei
2001The practice of everyday space : the reception of planned open space in Hong KongSiu, Kin Wai Michael
2013Qi-ju design knowledge : an historical and methodological exploration of classical Chinese texts on everyday objectsTang, Weichen
2003A reflective approach to the attitudes of Hong Kong design firms towards environmentally-friendly design using Fry's organizational identity and imageNg, Pui-yee Purrie
2011Street furniture design for night life : case study of Hong KongSong, Hongyang
2008Street furniture design principles and implementations : case studies of street furniture design in densely populated old urban areasWan, Pak-hong
2007A study of product identity : its practice in Chinese manufacturersChen, Jie.
2013Supporting design and technology education at high schools in China through the integration of social networking and computational design techniquesJiang, Hao
2006Towards capturing aesthetic intent of design in an interactive evolutionary system using neural networksGu, Zhenyu
2010Towards designer-centered design brief formulations in industrial design : relating design brief perception to design expertise and design contextLau, Wing-chuen
2009Transnational consumer culture and middle class professionals : an ethnographic account of consumption and identity in post-reform ChinaElfick, Tse-mui Jacqueline
2019User modelling for older adults' mobile interaction behaviour : evaluation of user characteristics, task demands and interface designLi, Qingchuan