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2003An evaluation of two behavioral rehabilitation programs in improving the quality of life in myocardial infarct patients in Hong KongHui, Ngor
2015Evaluation on quality, usefulness and satisfaction level of structured alert adaptation module (SAAM) on healthcare providers in Hong Kong's private hospitals : a pilot studyChan, Wing Yan
2009Evidence for routine replacement of peripheral intravenous cannulae in adults : a systematic reviewWong, Kwan-wai
2017Evolving meaning from being pregnant and becoming a new mother over the period of a major earthquake : a grounded theory studyRen, Jianhua
2010Examining the incentives and barriers in nurses' use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in Hong KongChoy, Ming-kin
2002Experience of mastectomy women with or without breast reconstruction : a qualitative approachNg, Chung-ping Ellen
2004Experience of nurses who work and provide care to patients in the SARS cohorting medical wardsCheong, Dik-lam
2008The experiences of Hong Kong Chinese women with breastfeedingWu, Wai-ching
2009An experimental study on the use of manual pressure to reduce pain in neonates during heel prickYu, Chit
2006An exploratory study in sexuality among Chinese stoma patients and their spouses in Hong KongLam, Choi-ping
2011An exploratory study of mother's stress and coping with caregiving to a child with specific learning disabilities or difficultiesLee, Kai-mei May
2003An exploratory study of the quality of life and care concerns of patients with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseFan, Lai-fa
2008An exploratory study on art-facilitated psychosocial intervention for stroke patientsChan, Wing-han
2006An exploratory study on factors affecting the acceptance on influenza vaccination among Chinese community-dwelling elderly in Hong KongLam, Oi-yi
2011An exploratory study on self management behaviours and health related quality of life on post coronary stenting patientsChan, Wan-yee Amanda
2011Exploring nursing students' perceptions toward a 3-D virtual ward in learning rapid sequence intubationChoo, Tat-ming
2007Exploring the education needs of newly-diagnosed brain tumour patients and their family caregiversCheung, Mei-yee Miranda
2008Exploring the effectiveness of ED nurse-initiated asthma protocol : optimizing the clinical outcomesWong, Lai-fan Mirada
2003Exploring the elderly's perception towards health education programmes in a multi-service centre for the elderly through a narrative approachChau, Chau-ping Cherry
2012Factors associated with pressure ucler [i.e. ulcer] development in athletes with disabilities in Hong KongChoy, Mun Tse Mandy