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2009Comparison of two models of nurse-led hypertension clinics in a primary health care settingChiu, Wai-hing Caroline
2010A comparison on effect of music on relaxation amongst people with and without music trainingTung, Ling-ngai
2008A comparison on the disinfecting effect of patchouli essential oil and Clorox(R) for gram positive and gram negative bacteriaTam, May-nar
2004Concurrent validation of the Adolescent Health Quotient Questionnaire (AHQQ)Chiu, Kwan-yin
2008Construction & validation of the Working with Dysphagia Questionnaire (WDQ) : an investigation on dysphagia knowledge & feeding practices of direct care staff in residential settingsNgai, Ka-yan
2005The contribution of working memory, conceptual knowledge and calculation principles to the individual and group differences in arithmetic competency of elementary school childrenWong, Yau-kai
2005The coping strategies employed by nurses to tackle poor sleepChan, So-fun
2010The correlative study on dental status and nutritional health among the elderly in Hong KongChow, Pik-kei
2012A cross-sectional, descriptive survey of nurses' attitudes towards patient violence and management strategies in Hong Kong accident and emergency departmentsCheung, Kai-yeung
2010Decision making on pregnancy resolution among Hong Kong teenagersLam, Pui-ling
2003Detailed molecular genetic analysis of the human secretor type [alpha](1,2)-fucosyltransferase gene (FUT2)Lai, Siu-kin
2005Detection of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli in human faecal flora in Hong KongTsang, Ka-lok Grand
2010Developing an objective traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnostic model in essential hypertensionTang, Chui-yan
2005The development and evaluation of a communication skills training program for registered nurses in cancer care in Beijing, ChinaLiu, Jun-E
2011Development and evaluation of a life review program for Chinese advanced cancer patientsXiao, Huimin
2003The development of a brief confusion screening instrument for the Chinese hospitalized elderlyFung, Oi-kuen
2006The development of visual chunking skills in perception of Chinese characters of Hong Kong children with different levels of literacyPak, Keng-hong
2003Direct detection of rifampin resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis in clinical specimens by PCR-DNA sequencingTong, Ho-lun Simon
2020Disaster resilience : the development and validation of a tool for measuring disaster resilience of disaster healthcare rescuersMao, Xiaorong
2005Does the documented standards of practice support the quality of service in the diagnostic radiography department?Chan, Hung-tat Edward