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2013Education program on prevention of febrile neutropenia among breast cancer patients receiving Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide in Chemotherapy Day CentreMak, Wai Chi
2002The effect of a family education program on knowledge and attitude of families of Hong Kong people with schizophreniaYu, Chan-hing
2003The effect of a nurse initiated patient/family education strategy on people with schizophrenia in BeijingLi, Zheng
2005The effect of a nurse-led cardiac rehabilitation programme on patients with coronary heart disease in Chengdu, ChinaJiang, Xiaolian
2016The effect of acupressure for managing agitation in nursing home residents with dementia : randomized controlled trialKwan, Yiu Cho
2011Effect of acupressure on women with urodynamic stress incontinenceChang, Ka-pik Katherine
2013The effect of aromathearpy [sic] for older persons with chronic painTang, Shuk Kwan
2006The effect of bodyblade exercise programme on functional balance and core stability among elderly in community : a pilot studyWai, Kwok-pik Rebecca
2012Effect of horticultural therapy on patients under palliative careKan, Wai Yin
2012The effect of mai men dong decoction on sleep and melatonin黃漢發; Wong, Hon Fat
2011Effect of multimodal intervention to enhance Hong Kong healthcare workers' hand hygiene complianceTai, Wai-ming Josepha
2008The effect of music participation on quality of life of elderly peopleLee, Yin-yi
2010Effect of Nurse Follow-Up Dietary Intervention (NFDI) on dietary behaviour and disease related knowledge among post myocardial infarction patients in Hong Kong : a randomized controlled trialMok, Ki-fung Vincent
2010The effect of patient education with telephone follow-up on wound healing among adult patients with clean woundsChan, Lai-ngor
2010The effect of sensory cueing and limb activation treatment on the hemiplegic upper limb function in children with spastic hemiplegic Cerebral PalsyJim, Sze-wan Eska
2004Effect of supplementation with fructus lycii (kei tze) on blood antioxidant status : implications for age-related changes in macular pigment densityCheng, Chung-yuen
2005The effect of the Arthritis Self-Management Program (ASMP) for clients with osteoarthritis on improving arthritis self-efficacy, self-management skillsand health status : a randomized control trialFung, Ka-yun Karin
2009The effectiveness of a narrative-based language intervention for children with specific language impairmentLeung, Hau-sin Helen
2012Effectiveness of a pain management programme for Chinese adults undergoing a major thoracotomy operationYin, Haihui
2008The effectiveness of acupressure on primary dysmenorrheaWong, Cho-lee Jojo