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2013Education program on prevention of febrile neutropenia among breast cancer patients receiving Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide in Chemotherapy Day CentreMak, Wai Chi
2002The effect of a family education program on knowledge and attitude of families of Hong Kong people with schizophreniaYu, Chan-hing
2003The effect of a nurse initiated patient/family education strategy on people with schizophrenia in BeijingLi, Zheng
2005The effect of a nurse-led cardiac rehabilitation programme on patients with coronary heart disease in Chengdu, ChinaJiang, Xiaolian
2016The effect of acupressure for managing agitation in nursing home residents with dementia : randomized controlled trialKwan, Yiu Cho
2011Effect of acupressure on women with urodynamic stress incontinenceChang, Ka-pik Katherine
2013The effect of aromathearpy [sic] for older persons with chronic painTang, Shuk Kwan
2006The effect of bodyblade exercise programme on functional balance and core stability among elderly in community : a pilot studyWai, Kwok-pik Rebecca
2015The effect of Chinese herbal medicine for treatment of allergic rhinitis : a randomized controlled trialChan, Yuk Pui Rose
2012Effect of horticultural therapy on patients under palliative careKan, Wai Yin
2011Effect of multimodal intervention to enhance Hong Kong healthcare workers' hand hygiene complianceTai, Wai-ming Josepha
2008The effect of music participation on quality of life of elderly peopleLee, Yin-yi
2010Effect of Nurse Follow-Up Dietary Intervention (NFDI) on dietary behaviour and disease related knowledge among post myocardial infarction patients in Hong Kong : a randomized controlled trialMok, Ki-fung Vincent
2010The effect of patient education with telephone follow-up on wound healing among adult patients with clean woundsChan, Lai-ngor
2010The effect of sensory cueing and limb activation treatment on the hemiplegic upper limb function in children with spastic hemiplegic Cerebral PalsyJim, Sze-wan Eska
2004Effect of supplementation with fructus lycii (kei tze) on blood antioxidant status : implications for age-related changes in macular pigment densityCheng, Chung-yuen
2005The effect of the Arthritis Self-Management Program (ASMP) for clients with osteoarthritis on improving arthritis self-efficacy, self-management skillsand health status : a randomized control trialFung, Ka-yun Karin
2009The effectiveness of a narrative-based language intervention for children with specific language impairmentLeung, Hau-sin Helen
2012Effectiveness of a pain management programme for Chinese adults undergoing a major thoracotomy operationYin, Haihui
2008The effectiveness of acupressure on primary dysmenorrheaWong, Cho-lee Jojo