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2015Junior registered psychiatric nurses' attitudes towards patient violence and violence management in Hong KongLam, Chung Yan
2014Knowledge, acceptability and practices towards alcohol-based handrub among Hong Kong special schools staffHo, Ka Yee
2008Let me talk : an advance care planning programme developed for the frail nursing home residentsChan, Yue-lai
2005Life satisfaction among clients with spinal cord injury : identification of foci for nursing interventionChow, Fung-kwan
2017The lived experience of foreign domestic helpers in caring for older people in the community : a hermeneutic phenomenological studyHo, Hok Man
2008The lived experience of Hong Kong Chinese mothers of extremely low birth weight preschool children : a phenomenological studyCheng, Yee-mei Grace
2010The lived experience of Hong Kong Chinese patients after lower limb amputationChan, Yin-yung Ann
2004Lived experience of ICU nurses in caring SARS patientsWong, Bo-chu
2004The lived experiences of subfertile couples in Hong Kong : a descriptive phenomenology approachYu, Pui-ling
2011Living beyond gynecologic cancer : quality of life and sexuality among Chinese womenZeng, Yingchun
2008Living with dysphagia : striving hard to preserve oral feedingWong, Kit Ripley
2011Malnutrition risk assessment by the adapted malnutrition universal screening tool and its relation to clinical outcomes in patients after acute strokeChan, Shuk-sum Susanne
2003Maternal perceptions of nursing support during the hospitalization of their low birth weight infant in the neonatal intensive care unitLeung, Sui-foon Itea
2003Molecular characterization of vibrio cholerae non-01, non-O139 strains isolated from food and environmental samples in Hong KongFok, Wai-pang Stephen
2005Music therapy : an intervention to reduce anxiety in mechanically ventilated patientsChung, Siu-wai Anne
2005Mutational analysis of RHO, RDS and PRPF31 genes in Chinese patients with retinitis pigmentosaLim, King-poo
2003Mutational analysis of the RLBP1 and CHM genes in Hong Kong Chinese patients with retinal degenerationChu, Man-yu
2009Need and preference of sexuality education from teacher and student perspectivesTsui, Hoi-ming
2015Nurse assistants' and elderly residents' perspectives on their daily interactions in nursing homes : a qualitative studyLung, Chi Chi
2015A nurse-led care program on quality of life and health care utilization for cancer patients in a chemotherapy day center : a randomized controlled trialLai, Xiaobin