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2004The quality of human milk in Hong Kong and compositional changes on storageFong, Ming-yiu
2004The quality of life in benign prostate hyperplasia after transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) in a group of Hong Kong maleYau, Kit-ling Helen
2007Quality of life in Chinese patients with hepatobiliary cancers under palliative careMo, Sin-ling
2010Quantification of urinary F₂-isoprostanes as a biomarker of oxidant stress using liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry : method evaluation and application in study of biological variation in agingYu, Wai-yuen
2010A randomized controlled trial comparing continuous oral suctioning with a mouldable saliva ejector to the routine ventilator care for preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia : a pilot studyKwok, Shu-man
2003A randomized controlled trial for maintaining peripheral intravenous lock in childrenKwong, Kam-yuk Tany
2003A randomized controlled trial on the management of traumatic digital wound in an emergency department in Hong KongMa, Ka-kwan
2004Rapid detection of rifampin-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis and correlation between specific mutation of RpoB gene and level of resistanceAu, Chi-ho Anders
2004Reduced expression of MAD2 protein in association with defective mitotic checkpoint in breast cancer cellsLing, Chi-kin Peter
2004The relationship between antenatal education program and maternal-fetal outcomes in Hong Kong Chinese womenChan, Lai-shan Lisa
2005Relationship between nutritional parameters and physical independence in local Chinese patients undergoing haemodialysisChan, Choi-lin
2009The relationship of heart rate variability and physical stress in healthy adultsKan, Wai-yee
2005The relationship of plasma β-endorphins and pain dimensions in Chinese Cancer Pain Assessment Tool (CCPAT)Ho, Sin-man Simone
2006Responses to thermal stimulation in persons with central poststroke pain : sensory decision theory analysisLo, Shuk-man
2006Risk factors of urinary incontinence and its impacts on quality of life among Hong Kong Chinese womenChiu, Lai-ping Grace
2004Scientific investigation of putative health benefits of Ganoderma lucidumWachtel-Galor, Sissi
2010Selective versus routine episiotomy for Chinese primiparous women : Hong Kong midwives' concernsIu, Po-lan
2004Sexual issues and concerns : the stories of Chinese women with spinal cord impairmentLi, Mung-nga Candy
2004Sleep behaviour among elderly in Hong KongChan, Yee-kwan
2016Smart device addiction, impulsiveness and social anxiety of Hong Kong adolescents, their smart device use, and physical and psychosocial health impactsKwok, Wai Hang