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2018A randomised controlled trial on clinical effectiveness of massage therapy in multisensory environment for residents with severe and profound intellectual disabilities (SPID)Chan, Sau Lai Jenny
2010A randomized controlled trial comparing continuous oral suctioning with a mouldable saliva ejector to the routine ventilator care for preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia : a pilot studyKwok, Shu-man
2003A randomized controlled trial for maintaining peripheral intravenous lock in childrenKwong, Kam-yuk Tany
2003A randomized controlled trial on the management of traumatic digital wound in an emergency department in Hong KongMa, Ka-kwan
2004Rapid detection of rifampin-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis and correlation between specific mutation of RpoB gene and level of resistanceAu, Chi-ho Anders
2004Reduced expression of MAD2 protein in association with defective mitotic checkpoint in breast cancer cellsLing, Chi-kin Peter
2004The relationship between antenatal education program and maternal-fetal outcomes in Hong Kong Chinese womenChan, Lai-shan Lisa
2005Relationship between nutritional parameters and physical independence in local Chinese patients undergoing haemodialysisChan, Choi-lin
2009The relationship of heart rate variability and physical stress in healthy adultsKan, Wai-yee
2005The relationship of plasma β-endorphins and pain dimensions in Chinese Cancer Pain Assessment Tool (CCPAT)Ho, Sin-man Simone
2006Responses to thermal stimulation in persons with central poststroke pain : sensory decision theory analysisLo, Shuk-man
2006Risk factors of urinary incontinence and its impacts on quality of life among Hong Kong Chinese womenChiu, Lai-ping Grace
2004Scientific investigation of putative health benefits of Ganoderma lucidumWachtel-Galor, Sissi
2010Selective versus routine episiotomy for Chinese primiparous women : Hong Kong midwives' concernsIu, Po-lan
2004Sexual issues and concerns : the stories of Chinese women with spinal cord impairmentLi, Mung-nga Candy
2004Sleep behaviour among elderly in Hong KongChan, Yee-kwan
2016Smart device addiction, impulsiveness and social anxiety of Hong Kong adolescents, their smart device use, and physical and psychosocial health impactsKwok, Wai Hang
2010Smoking and personal characteristics of students in Hong KongTang, Sze-man
2003Sporadic hepatitis E infection in southern ChinaWei, Shaojing
2018Streamlining changes : the grounded theory of schools implementing health-promoting schoolsHung, Tsz Man Tommy