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2004Scientific investigation of putative health benefits of Ganoderma lucidumWachtel-Galor, Sissi
2010Selective versus routine episiotomy for Chinese primiparous women : Hong Kong midwives' concernsIu, Po-lan
2004Sexual issues and concerns : the stories of Chinese women with spinal cord impairmentLi, Mung-nga Candy
2004Sleep behaviour among elderly in Hong KongChan, Yee-kwan
2016Smart device addiction, impulsiveness and social anxiety of Hong Kong adolescents, their smart device use, and physical and psychosocial health impactsKwok, Wai Hang
2010Smoking and personal characteristics of students in Hong KongTang, Sze-man
2003Sporadic hepatitis E infection in southern ChinaWei, Shaojing
2010Stressors and coping strategies during isolation in haemopoietic stem cell transplanted patients with leukaemiaTse, Kin-keung
2005A study of Chinese people's beliefs, attitudes and behaviour related to influenza vaccination in an out-patient clinicYeung, Shuk-hing
2003A study of DNA methylation in endometrial cancers in Chinese femalesLin, Wai-fung
2004A study of the caregiver burden of families looking after demented and non-demented elderly in the communityWong, Yuk-lin
2007A study of the effect of moisture from exhaled air on the filtration performance of N95 respirators in a controlled environmentChung, Kwai-cheung
2003A study of the risk factors of ICU acquired pneumonia and the effect of the closed suctioning method in reducing the risk of ICU-acquired pneumoniaTse, Kai-wing
2008A study of validity and reliability of the Chinese version means-ends problem solving procedures in the young adults in Hong KongNgan, Sin-ying
2009A study of validity and reliability of the Quality of Life-Alzheimer's Disease (Chinese version)Chan, Lai-lok
2007A study on heart rate variability in hypertensive and normotensive subjects with normal blood pressure and different levels of anxietyHuang, Yin-shuen
2003Successful aging : from the perspective of Hong Kong elderly : a qualitative approachChan, Lai-hung Candy
2007Systematic review on the effectiveness of caffeine abstinence in improving quality of sleepSin, Wai-man Celia
2005Telephone-based proactive smoking cessation intervention for parents of young children : a randomized controlled trialMak, Yim-wah
2008The theory of planned behavior and nurses' intention to using personal protective equipment in Hong KongNg, Tan-tan