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2014Peripheral refraction and peripheral eye length in myopic progression and myopic controlLee, Tsui Tsui
2020Peripheral refraction, central retinal function and thickness in children with myopia developmentLi, Zhechuang
2015The potential role of cyclic 3', 5'-adenosine monophosphate in regulating aqueous humour secretionCheng, King Wah Angela
2016Proteome profiling and relative quantification of protein expressions in the chick vitreous and retina during compensated ocular growthYu, Fengjuan
2016Relationship between vision and balance in static and dynamic mannersSiong, Kar Ho
2012Retinal electrophysiological characteristics of the myopic eyeHo, Wing Cheung
2010A retrospective survey of orthokeratology on childrenChan, Lap-kong
2009The role of aberrations in refractive developmentKwan, Chi-kit William
2010The roles of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and apolipoprotein A1 (ApoA1) in avian eye growth -a proteomic approachChun, Ka-man
2018Safety of long-term ortho-k (SOLO) study : corneal and ocular microbiome changes in children undergoing orthokeratology treatment and concerns of children, parents and practitioners about the treatmentCheung, Sin Wan
2018Spatial interactive effects on optical defocus : a new mechanism in myopia developmentChin, Man Pan
2015Surface pigments on cosmetic contact lenses and implications on safe contact lens wearChan, Ka Yin
2014Toric orthokeratology for slowing eye elongation (TO-SEE) in myopic and astigmatic childrenChen, Chia Chi Connie