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2016Supporting the use of web-based crime mapping in cooperative policing by dynamic pattern analysisLeong, Kong Sang
2020Suppression of lithium dendrite by using scaffolds derived from MOFsLiu, Yutong
2004Suppression of structural vibration with a new type of vibration absorberTang, Shun-leung
2011Surface bidirectional reflectance and albedo properties derived with MODIS and AERONET observations and global albedo mappingCheng, Xi
2016Surface characteristics of low-twist worsted yarns and knitted fabricsHuang, Xinxin
2004Surface enabling technology for direct copper drilling in thin PCB manufactureCheung, Ka-yiu
2020Surface engineering for efficient electrocatalytic water splitting and nitrogen reductionCai, Lejuan
1998Surface finishing optimization in pulse reverse current electroforming of nickelWong, Kam-po
2015Surface functionalization of fibres with polymer brushesLiu, Xuqing
2016Surface generation and damage mechanism in ultra-precision grinding of brittle materialsZhang, Quanli
2005Surface modification of AISI 316L stainless steel using different forms of NiTi for improving cavitation erosion resistanceChiu, Ka-yu
2002Surface modification of poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) by laser irradiationWong, Chi-chung Wilson
2014Surface modification of polydimethysiloxane through plasma ion implantationSun, Yue
2009Surface modification to improve the corrosion resistance of Mg for the development of degradable orthopedic implantsNg, Wai-fong
2015Surface nanopatterning of functional polymers by parallel scanning probe lithographyXie, Zhuang
2015Surface pigments on cosmetic contact lenses and implications on safe contact lens wearChan, Ka Yin
2020Surface plasmon resonance enhanced hydrogen evolution from water with graphitic carbon nitride photocatalystHong, Linru
1998Surface profilometry using optical contouring methodCheung, Lap-fai
1999Surface reconstruction of human face from stereo imagesLiu, Shu-tim
2022Surrogate-enabled seismic performance analysis of spatially distributed bridgesQian, Jing