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2021Understanding human factors issues in immersive virtual and augmented reality applications for constructionAbbas, Ali
2019Understanding human fashion images : a parse-pose based studyZhou, Yanghong
2019Understanding human intention via non-intrusive capturing of interaction and body signalsFu, Yujun
2001An understanding on the struggle for autonomy in heterosexual relationship of deviant girlsHon, Siu-wan
2021Understanding resilience of physician-driven online healthcare communities under exogenous shockLiu, Yinghao
2021Understanding student engagement with teacher and peer feedback in a translation course for Chinese English majorsChen, Ying
2009Understanding the effects of social capital factors and individual motivators on knowledge sharing : a study of professional accountants in Hong KongMak, Yin-king
2019Understanding the high leverage of China's listed companiesFung, So Ching Jenny
2000Understanding the individual mutual fund investors in Hong Kong : factors influencing purchase decisionFung, Kin-ming David
2015Understanding the influences of espoused cultural values and faith-in-others on electricity savingKoon, Wai-chee Olivia
2016Understanding the meaning of mentoring of newly graduated registered nurses for good work in Hong KongLaw, Yee Shui
2019Understanding the roles of Zn1 ion in New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1 by kinetic assays and molecular dynamics simulations of protein mutantsFung, Yik Hong
2015Understanding the small tourism business owner in historical towns : the change of attitude with destination evolutionWang, Sha
2022Understanding the urban form and public health - a case of Hong KongYao, Yepeng
1996Understanding the variables that affect the effectiveness of centre-in-charges in children and youth centresChoi, Chung-fai
2018Understanding user engagement level during tasks via facial responses, eye gaze and mouse movementsKwok, Cho Ki
1997Understanding users' attributes in the development of management information systemsWong, Pik-wa Linda
2021Understanding water-oxidation catalysis at the atomic scale using in situ and ex situ transmission electron microscopyZhao, Guangming
2022Understanding “left-behind children” in rural China : an ethnographic approachZhou, Qiushi
2022Unet-DenseNet for robust far-field speaker verificationGao, Zhenke