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2005Teaching stressors, work meaningfulness and psychological burnout : an investigation of secondary school teachers in Hong KongPoon, Sai-cheong Raymond
1999Team learning in a QA team : the case of a toy companyLam, Ngai-ming Terry
1998Teamwork profile of Wong Tai Sin HospitalChong, Ken-wan Steven
2001Tear volume and tear film stability in relation to soft contact lens wear in Hong Kong-ChineseChui, Wan-sang
2019A technical feasibility analysis on the optimization of demand side management of a hybrid net-zero energy office building in Hong Kong integrated with net-zero energy electric carsLo, Wai Chung
2007Technical feasibility and way forward : maintaining 25.5 °C in local commercial buildingsWong, Chung-yan
2005Techniques and algorithms for video transcodingFung, Kai-tat
2009Techniques for document layout analysisGao, Miao
2003Techniques for image enhancement and robust video communicationsChan, Chi-lun
2001Techniques for low bit-rate video codingWong, Kwok-wai
2003Techniques for reducing distortion in input and output terminals of switching power suppliesPoon, Ngai-kit Franki
2002Techniques for reducing the computation effort of matching pursuitsCheung, Kin-pong
1999Techniques for task scheduling in practical parallel and distributed systemChan, Wai-yip
2001Techniques for video segmentation and object trackingLun, Tak-chuen
2021Techno-economic analysis of a zero-emission shopping mall with integration of zero-emission shuttle busesChan, Siu Tat
2005Technological development of Hong Kong textile and clothing industry : a 'technometric' approachHo, Kai-chiu
2022Technological innovation and provincial carbon abatement in ChinaLiu, Yanran
1999Technological innovation program in China in enterprise perspective : the experience of consumer electronics industryYung, Hoi-wing Justina
2016A technological study of computer-aided laser finishing on cotton-based fabricsHung, On Na
2006Technological support system for macro-control of Shenzhen real estate marketHuang, Fulai