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2015Voltage and reactive power control considering smart metering technologies on distribution networksTang, Yu
2000Voltage control using a combined linear programming and rule-based approachWu, Ming-fai
2008Voltage stability analysis based on probability theoryZhang, Jianfen
2002Voluntary disclosure of segment information : a study on Hong Kong diversified companiesSo, Charles
2006Vortex sound generation in the presence of porous materials with an application to dissipative silencers and lined ductsLau, Chi-kin
2013WalK gene : mutation detection in non-susceptible Staphylococcus aureusUn, Cheuk Hang Henry
2013WalK gene mutation in Vancomycin Intermediate Staphylococcus aureus (VISA) clinical strainsChow, Miu Yee Mandy
2011Wall shear stress sensing, friction drag reduction, and the wake of two staggered cylindersBai, Honglei
2017War and will : a multisemiotic analysis of metal gear solid 4Ng, Carman
1997Warehouse cargo space allocation helperTsao, Chi-wai
2014Water efficiency for residential buildings of Hong KongZhao, Yuan
2018Water efficiency of kitchen faucet in manual dishwashingYim, Ka Chun Martin
2018Water purification using photocatalysis, ozonation and ultraviolet disinfectionTsoi, Chi Chung
2016Water quality monitoring in Hong Kong using remote sensingNazeer, Majid
2005Water requirements for fighting highrise building fires in Hong KongYu, Kam-shan Simon
2021Waterborne epoxy resin modified bitumen emulsion as a high-performance cold paving binder : working mechanism and engineering performanceLi, Rui
2001Watermark techniques for digital imagesHo, Ka-po Salina
2002Waterproofing techniques & methodologies on repair of basement & superstructure constructionCheng, Cheong-kwai
2022Wavefront shaping-empowered multimode fiber and its applications within and beyond biomedicineZhong, Tianting
2013Wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networksDong, Tian