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2018Towards efficient analytic query processing in main-memory column-storesXu, Wenjian
2022Towards efficient and personalized federated learning on heterogeneous environmentZhang, Jie
2023Towards efficient and reliable human activity understandingXiang, Wangmeng
2023Towards efficient tiny machine learning systems for ubiquitous edge intelligenceZhou, Qihua
2020Towards enabling shape memory ceramics : considerations for stress concentration optimisation through additive manufacturingRaut, Virag Sanatan
1996Towards intelligent area traffic control system managementLeung, Tak-fai
2022Towards laying the foundation of firmware analysisJiang, Muhui
2018Towards least-constrained human identification by recognizing iris and periocular at-a-distanceZhao, Zijing
2023Towards lightweight and efficient network design for image super-resolutionZhang, Xindong
2012Towards migrating user applications to the cloudLai, Kunfeng
2001Towards mobile agents and ontology for information retrievalMak, Kai-wing
2014Towards more trustworthy trust-based systems for anonymity and web securityZhou, Peng
2019Towards multisemiotic literacy : constructing explanations in secondary science classroomsHe, Qiuping
2021Towards norms in two translations of Hong Lou Meng : a corpus-based studyWu, Chunming
2001Towards open market competition : a real challenge to the trading fund frameworkWu, Wai-kit Eddie
2021Towards privacy protection in the era of adversarial machine learning : attack and defenseZheng, Huadi
2017Towards property valuation accuracy : a comparison of hedonic pricing model and artifiical neural networkAbidoye, Rotimi Boluwatife
2021Towards reliable CNN architecture design for visual recognitionLi, Lida
2013Towards safe usage of COTS wireless devices in medical settings : a profiling - policing framework for WBAN against WiFi interferenceWang, Yufei
2023Towards safer buildings : an integrated approach for structural fire analysis, design, and collapse predictionNan, Zhuojun