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1997Thermal study of traction motors in light rail vehicles, Light Rail Division of KCRCTam, N. K
2023Thermal-assisted electrochemical synthesis of fluoride-free MXenes for efficient energy applicationPang, Sin Yi
2015Thermal-aware FPGA design for behavioral IPs HW Trojans detectionLi, Xiaotong
2002Thermally optimized linear pyroelectric arrayFung, Wing-man
2023Thermo-mechanical behaviour of energy piles in unsaturated siltCui, Sheqiang
2013Thermodynamic development of a novel integrated air-conditioning system with DOAS using liquid desiccantCui, Mingxian
2010Thermodynamic study on the air-conditioning system of new DOAS with desiccant wheelHui, Shui-man
1999Thermoelectric power of thin filmsNg, Chi-fuk Astric
2011Thermoelectricity of small-molecular-weight organic semiconductors and titanium oxide nanotubesHu, Wenhao
2000Thermomechanical analysis of bambooAu-Yeung, Wai-leung
2005Thickness effects in ferroelectric thin filmsLi, Kwok-tung
2023Thin film coatings with ultra–high stability for precision glass moldingAkhtar, Awais
2018Thin film transition metal chalcogenide based gas sensorsNg, Ngai Hang
2000Thioredoxin reductase : its properties and regenerationCheung, Pik-yuen Belinda
2015Thread solidarity and power : a study of garment workers' self-organization of production in the Yangtze River Delta Region of ChinaFan, Lulu
1996Three dimensional channel routing based on maximal compatible class algorithmWoo, Ka-chung Andrew
2008Three dimensional slope stability analysis and failure mechanismWei, Wenbing
2022Three essays in computable equilibrium analysis : tariff, pricing, and shippingZhang, Lingge
2021Three essays in operations management : inventory management with demand learning, quality signaling and Bayesian persuasion in serviceLuo, Zhenwei
2023Three essays on Chinese reverse direct investments : theory and performance outcomesJong, Abe Pui Lam