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2013Thermal energy performance of teaching roomsLi, Shing Hing
2015Thermal human modelling for functional clothing designChao, Huang
2012Thermal performance of modelling of naturally ventilated photovoltaic facade in buildings in Hong KongZhang, Long
2011Thermal properties of lightweight concrete wall using furnace bottom ash (FBA)Zhang, Binyu
2003Thermal regeneration of metallic fibrous particulate filterChau, Man-wai
2021Thermal resources of sea for supporting the heating and cooling of the coastal communitiesLi, Hiu Yam Amy
2019Thermal response to hot water showering jetsMok, Hoi Ting
2004Thermal stresses and associated damage in concrete at elevated temperaturesFu, Yu-fang
1997Thermal study of traction motors in light rail vehicles, Light Rail Division of KCRCTam, N. K
2023Thermal-assisted electrochemical synthesis of fluoride-free MXenes for efficient energy applicationPang, Sin Yi
2015Thermal-aware FPGA design for behavioral IPs HW Trojans detectionLi, Xiaotong
2002Thermally optimized linear pyroelectric arrayFung, Wing-man
2023Thermo-mechanical behaviour of energy piles in unsaturated siltCui, Sheqiang
2013Thermodynamic development of a novel integrated air-conditioning system with DOAS using liquid desiccantCui, Mingxian
2010Thermodynamic study on the air-conditioning system of new DOAS with desiccant wheelHui, Shui-man
1999Thermoelectric power of thin filmsNg, Chi-fuk Astric
2011Thermoelectricity of small-molecular-weight organic semiconductors and titanium oxide nanotubesHu, Wenhao
2000Thermomechanical analysis of bambooAu-Yeung, Wai-leung
2005Thickness effects in ferroelectric thin filmsLi, Kwok-tung
2023Thin film coatings with ultra–high stability for precision glass moldingAkhtar, Awais