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2008To study the change of pressure generated by pressure garments upon active limb movementsLam, Shuk-yan
1997To study the distribution network indices and the impacts of operating beyond its security criteriaTo, Yip-lam
2011To study the effect of laser irradiation on the properties of cotton fabricChow, Yim-ling, Florence
2014To study the effects of Shenqifuzheng injection (SFI) on micro-RNAs in human dendritic cellsYu, Wai Hong
1998To study the Hong Kong stock market efficiency through analysing earning announcement effectWong, Chak-ming
1999To study the implications of maintenance outsourcing on customer service quality, safety and cost efficiency in MTR Corporation Operations Engineering DepartmentManho, John William
2006To study the main and interactive effects of green tea and vitamin C on selected biomarkers of cardiovascular disease riskChan, Koon-cheong Martin
1999To understand the dilemma of an administrator in organizational conflictsChan, Fung-yi
2017To what extent can Hong Kong wine retail businesses use ICTs specifically mobile phone applications, to grow their business?Li, Wan Sze
2012Tone merger in Guangzhou CantoneseOu, Jinghua
2003Tonsillectomy, hot against cold dissection : a prospective, randomized, double-blind clinical trialNg, Tat-yuen
2021Too futile to speak up? How voice implementation can increase employee perceived efficacy of voiceHu, Xiaofei
2017Top executive compensation and firm performance : a comparative analysis of SOEs and non-SOEs in ChinaWang, Wenhua
2010Top management intention to comply with industry standards in the China automotive industryYip, Ming Tony
2024Topological hall effect in bismuth/chromium telluride heterostructures and chromium telluride thin films with self-intercalationYan, Zijun
2018Topologies and control of single-stage AC-DC wireless-power-transfer resonant converters with power-factor-correctionLiu, Junwei
2020Topologies and modulation schemes for immittance based three-phase dual-active-bridge DC-DC converter to achieve wide-range high-efficiency performanceKhan, Akif Zia
2023Topology optimization of electric motors based on finite element computationWu, Huihuan
2015Topology oriented security and vulnerability analysis in power systemsJia, Youwei
2014Toric orthokeratology for slowing eye elongation (TO-SEE) in myopic and astigmatic childrenChen, Chia Chi Connie