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2005Acoustical canyon effect in built environmentsLee, Heung-wing
2014Acoustical insertion loss of a modified plenum window in different configurations and settingsYim, Jack Tsz Hong
2006Acoustical performance of multipurpose hallChan, Kai-kwan
2019Acoustically driven air vibration in cavity and its application to sound barriersNg, Ho Ting
2001Acoustics control of room ventilatorsNg, Fung-lin
2018The acquisition and processing of relative clauses : experimental evidence from MandarinYang, Wenchun
2010Acquisition of domain concepts and ontology constructionCui, Gaoying
2014Acquisition problems with "also" in Chinese-English interlanguageSu, Pingping
2019Action recognition : improvements for spatio-temporal laplacian pyramid codingGong, Chenhui
2019Action recognition using deep learning modelsLiu, Peng
2003ACTION 進入醫藥商業管理軟件銷售市場可行性研究報告王己任; Wang, Jiren
2011Active confinement of concrete by prestressingZheng, Zijian
2014Active control of a turbulent round jet based on unsteady microjetsZhang, Pei
2012Active control of flow-induced acoustic resonance through surface perturbationLu, Zhenbo
2003Active control of sound transmission into enclosure through a panelLau, Siu-kit
2019Active control of the sound radiation from a finite line source using novel directional secondary sourcesHu, Qi
2008Active loss pair measurementFok, Wai-ting
2018Active management of distribution systems with distributed energy resourcesLi, Jiayong
1998Active noise cancellation for the radiated noise out of ventilation exhaust systems in buildingsCheng, Shuk-fong Justine
2016Active noise control for fan ductZhang, Yanan