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2000Fluoropolymer thin film dip coating thickness measurement and controlIp, Yan-sang George
2012Focused attention modulating pain perception in people with chronic pain : an event-related potential studyChan, Chi Chung Sam
2021Focusing and manipulation of diffused light with wavefront engineering : techniques and applicationsYu, Zhipeng
2020Fog based cooperative autonomous drivingYang, Dingyu
2013Folic acid and fitc conjugated superparamagnetic nanoparticles for targeting MCF-7 cancer cellsChen, Ao
2000Food safety in school catering in Hong KongLam, Mei-ling Karen
2011A food safety management decision support system for enhancing the quality level in a distribution centreLao, Sok I
2012Foodborne pathogens detection with nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide membrane based biosensorTan, Fei
2013Foot arch development of Chinese children and longitudinal evaluation of total contact foot orthosis for flexible flat foot for 2.5 yearsLi, Nga Mei
2001Footprint parameters of the young adult and the growing age groupBut, Kim-wah
2006Forced convection and fluid friction in a horizontal triangular duct with uniformly ribbed or grooved internal surfacesLuo, Dandan
2000Forecast accuracy and earnings performance of initial public offerings in Hong KongWong, Hon-man Jody
2000Forecasting compensatory control of an piezo-actuated micro-boring bar for dynamic error reductionGao, Dong
2018Forecasting Hong Kong Hang Seng Index stock price movement using social media data analysisLau, Wai Tak
2021Forecasting indoor radon concentration using Box-Jenkins ARIMA modeling approachCheng, Ka Man
2006Forecasting manpower demand in the construction industry of Hong KongWong, Ming-wah James
2002Forecasting near-future Hang Sang [i.e. Seng] Index with data mining techniquesLui, Hing-nin.
1993Forecasting non-scheduled wastage of junior police officers (JPO'S)Cheuk, Chun-yin Albert
1996Forecasting the currency exchange rates by recurrent neural networkLam, Chun-fat
2011Forefoot pressure of female patients with hallux valgus in shoes with stretchable and non-stretchable upper designWong, Kin Fong