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1999Fuzzy techniques for modern train equipment maintenanceLau, Kong-lui
2007The fuzzy time series prediction system using chaos theory and fractal dimensionKwong, Ng-fung
2009GA method for image registrationSun, Xin
2024Gait classification and center of pressure dynamic trajectory in individuals with unilateral transfemoral amputationHe, Yufan
2000Gait evaluation of orthotic treatment for subject with hemiplegic foot-dropLam, Yiu-ping Fermat
2024Gait regulation in individuals with unilateral transfemoral amputation : from neural dynamics to movement coordinationHu, Mingyu
2024Gait restoration using exo-neuro-musculo-skeleton and cyber physical social system in home-based telerehabilitation for chronic strokeSong, Hantao
2013Game strategy indexing, learning and optimization in real time strategy (RTS) games using soft computing techniquesNg, Hiu Fung
2016Game theory analysis of green procurement in sustainable supply chain managementMa, Xin
2003Gaolan Port : transformation from a feeder port to a shipping hubHui, May-ha Tracy
2002Gap analysis on IT outsourcing projects for HK SMEsChan, Chik-sang Terence
2017Gap plasmon resonances in metal film-coupled nanoparticles for enhanced photoluminescence and nonlinear optical emissionLi, Guangcan
2013Gas and vapor transport through nano- and micro- fibrous materialsShou, Dahua
2005Gas detection using photonic crystal fibersHoo, Yeuk-lai
2009Gas discharge in hollow-core fibers and its application in waveguide gas lasersShi, Xin
2018Gas products from the isoprene + nitrate radicals (NO₃) reaction and isoprene + ozone (O₃) reaction by using chamberZhu, Hanbing
2009Gas sensors made from electrospun nanofibers doped by functionalized carbon nanotubesYang, An
2018A gaussian process-based multi-sensor metrology system for precision measurement of freeform surfacesLiu, Mingyu
2024A gelatin/hyaluronic acid-based injectable mechanically enhanced hydrogel for cartilage defect repairHao, Jie
2022GelMA hydrogels as tissue engineering scaffoldsPiao, Yun