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2016Motion estimation techniques by exploiting motion history and depth maps in video codingLee, Tsz Kwan
1995Motion estimation techniques for video codingChu, Carlson
1997Motion pictures compressionChan, Yau-wo Michael
2011Motion vector composition for video coding and transcodingLee, Tsz-kwan
2000Motion-based head detection for lift control systemWong, Ka-fai
2002The motivating factors of domestic urban tourists in ShanghaiMao, Yue Iris
2006Motivation of visiting Qingdao among mainland China domestic travelersXue, Hui Catherine
2010A motivational perspective on post-acceptance is usage behaviorsLi, Xixi
1996A motivational study among Executive Officers I within Housing Department : a case study from the perspective of Herzberg's two-factor theoryTsang, Siu-cheung
2001Motivators and barriers to creativity : perspective from the supervisory employee in Hong Kong hotel industryPang, Wai-ling Loretta
2000Motor and balance performance of adults with hemiplegia of different ambulatory statusNg, Tze-wan
2017Motor recovery of the severely impaired paretic upper limb after intensive mirror therapy in sub-acute strokeChan, Wing Chiu
2005Motorized and non-motorized transport systems : modeling and optimizationWu, Zixiao
2018MPC system identification method based oracle for control-CPS software fault localizationHe, Zhijian
2013A multi-agent system for generalization of features defined by isobaths in nautical chart constructionZhang, Xunruo
2020A multi-attribute approach based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process for building maintenance managementKwok, Wai Ho Darrell
2015Multi-beam optical injection locking in Fabry-Pérot laser diodesGan, Liqing
2007A multi-channel relationship commitment model for the life insurance industryChiu, Yu-chun Benjamin
2011A multi-criteria daylighting performance assessment method for cellular officesNg, Tsz-ho Roger
2018A multi-criteria performance assessment model for cadastral survey systemsZhang, Haodong