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2001Investigations into the use of energy storage in power system applicationsLeung, Ka-kit
2020Investigations of novel indoor visible light positioning schemesLiu, Zhongxu
2021Investigations of sustainable machining and ultra-precision machining using social network analysis and unsupervised learningZhou, Hongting
2020Investigations of the atmospheric oxidative capacity with chemical ionization mass spectrometry and chemical box modelWang, Weihao
2021Investigations of the mechanical relaxation of glasses at high temperaturesWang, Jianbiao
2020Investigations on direct ethylene glycol fuel cells using hydrogen peroxide as oxidantPan, Zhefei
2010Investigations on prescription parameters of an ankle-foot orthosis for patients with chronic-stroke hemiplegiaKobayashi, Toshiki
2008Investigations on temporal-oriented event-based extractive summarizationWu, Mingli
1998An investment advisory system for selection of banking productsWong, Fung-kwan Natalie
1993Investment in overseas countries : the case of listed companies in Hong KongChong, Pui-shan Flora
2014An investment model with mean-field targetHou, Danlin
2020Invoicing system using image recognition for data analysisWei, Yidong
2012Involvement of CD44 during tumorigenic transformation of pre-cancerous human uroepithelial cellsAu, Yuen Ming
1994Involvement of end users in information system development : a case study in a utility companyChan, Loong Geoffrey
2013The involvement of entorhinal cortex in cross-modal associative memoryLiao, Zhengli
2014The involvement of estrogen receptor (ER) and G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPR30) in rapid cellular signaling of phytoestrogens in osteoblastsHo, Ming Xian
2020The involvement of novel estrogen receptors in mediating rapid estrogenic effects of Er-xian decoction and icariin in boneWong, Ka Ying
2012The involvement of NPM1 in transcriptional activation of PCNAChiu, Ya Ming
2021IPOs and rivals' voluntary disclosuresLing, Xiaoxu
2003IPOS in China : an empirical study of performance, returns, and earnings manipulationNg, Lai-man Carmen