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2002Quantitative evaluation of colour emotionsCheng, Ka-man
2015Quantitative measurement of acidic ultrafine particles and observations of new particle formation in the atmosphere of Hong KongWang, Dawei
2011Quantitative risk assessment for maritime safety managementYin, Jingbo
2015Quantitative spare parts modelling for supply chain managementZhou, Dapeng
2007A quantitative study on color harmonyGao, Xiaoping
2012Quantitative ultrasonic evaluation of bone growth in a rabbit tibial distraction model by comparing computed radiography and micro-computed tomographyLuk, Hon Kit
2016Quantum chemistry and chemical kinetics of large straight-chain hydrocarbons in aviation keroseneZhu, Yajie
2012Quantum cutting downconversion phosphors based on oxides for solar cell applicationLau, Mei Kwan
2014Quantum dot sensitized solar cells based on different counter electrodesChen, Xiaoting
2003Quantum packet for integrated services data network : the third generation ISDNLam, Ray Ying-wai
2012Quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy and its association with fiber-optic devicesCao, Yingchun
2001Querying XML documents with a multidimensional indexLam, Lap-yan
1994Quest for quality : an empirical study of the quality drive in the Construction Branch of Housing DepartmentWong, Bay
1996The questioning behaviour of Hong Kong English teachers at lower secondary levelLee, Kwok-keung Simon
2008Questions and responses in business communication in Hong KongLin, Hin-sze Iris
2000Queuing theory on semiconductor flow lineChoi, Kam-yau
2011Quick response systems with minimum order quantity in fashion supply chainsChow, Pui-sze
2013Quinoline-type compounds : asymmetric catalytic reaction and their biological activitiesChan, Sau Hing
2001Quiz Markup Language (QuizML)Leung, Chi-kuen
2014Quorum sensing of Legionella pneumophila in biofilm : a longitudinal studyChu, Hei Man