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2022Automation of ultrasound assessment of scoliosis with robotic scanningVictorova, Maria
2024Autonomous design as a decolonial toolNavarrete Rigo, Andrea
2023Autonomous flight in unknown and dynamic environmentChen, Han
2014Autonomous FPGA-based gaming consoleLi, Yu
2023Autonomous localization by integrating Wi-Fi and MEMS sensors in large-scale indoor spacesYu, Yue
2022Autonomous ship scheduling optimizationYang, Xiao
2023Autonomous truck platooning : scheduling, routing and personnelHu, Qiaolin
1995An autoregressive model approach to object recognition and its application to handwritten numeric character recognitionWu, Wai-man
2019An autostereoscopic three-dimensional (3D) metrology system for on-machine measurement of micro-structured surfacesLi, Da
2023Auxiliary supervision for regularizing deep learning based image classificationYan, Zipei
2005Available transfer capability evaluation study in system operation under electricity market and its enhancement by facts devicesCheng, Yun
2017The aversive effects of cough suppressants on neurogenesis and emotional behaviour : chronic exposure to a common active ingredient in cough suppressants causes emotional disturbances through the suppression of adult neurogenesis, and their prevention by wolfberry polysaccharide in ratsPo, Kai Ting
1996Awareness of business process improvement opportunities through IT : a study of the Hong Kong consumer/retail bankingLo, Po-san Joyce
1999Awareness of strategic information technology among small businesses in the Hong Kong service sectorJudge, Cecelia M
2018A股上市酒店股权结构与经营绩效关系研究余文罡; Yu, Wengang
2010B-site cation mixed multiferroic perovskite materialsSuen, Wai-ping
2010B2B e-commerce platform adoption : fitness between features of B2B e-commerce platforms and SME's characteristicsLu, Yingping Stephanie
2000Background separation and mosaic of video sequenceChau, Hin-ling
2017Backpulse and backblow cleaning of nanofiber filter loaded with nano-aerosolsHau, Wing Yi Curie